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ganthern 637378cbe6 [ci] update fastfile fr new xcode version 1 day ago
.github [ci] Install npm 2 months ago
.vscode chore: Add Flow Language Support extension recommendation 2 years ago
app-android v3.98.21 1 day ago
app-ios [ci] update fastfile fr new xcode version 1 day ago
buildSrc [ci] enable releaseNotes.js to upload multiple assets 6 days ago
doc Add GitHub releases as an option 2 months ago
ipc-schema move native web authn implementation to generated facade 2 weeks ago
jenkins-lib [android/ci] build and use android-database-sqlcipher 1 week ago
libs [maintenance] upgrade mithril.js to v2.2.2 1 month ago
packages v3.98.21 1 day ago
resources Do not require user to confirm password 3 weeks ago
schemas removed country code from GiftCard. fix redeeming gift card with saved credentials 2 months ago
src add translations for new key 1 day ago
test [ios] use uploadNative for blob attachments 1 day ago
types Refactor bubble text fields 3 months ago
.editorconfig Convert codebase to Typescript, close #3746 close #3594 7 months ago
.gitignore [licc] Create cli.js in preinstall 2 months ago
.npmrc Publish v3.91.2-beta.0 for npm, fix publishing packages 7 months ago
.nvmrc Update node version in .nvmrc 1 year ago
Android.Jenkinsfile [ci] enable releaseNotes.js to upload multiple assets 6 days ago
Desktop.Jenkinsfile [ci] upload desktop builds to nexus 6 days ago
Ios.Jenkinsfile [build] streamline mobile release pipelines 3 months ago
IosRenewCerts.Jenkinsfile [CI] Add pipeline to renew iOS certificates 4 weeks ago
LICENSE.txt chore(LICENSE): updated software description and copyright disclosure 10 months ago
OpenSSL.Jenkinsfile Create jenkins pipeline for building OpenSSL 5 months ago Update README with new desktop info 1 year ago
SqlcipherAndroid.Jenkinsfile [android/ci] build and use android-database-sqlcipher 1 week ago
Webapp.Jenkinsfile [build] add VERSION env var to Webapp.Jenkinsfile 3 months ago
android.js [build] add --existing option to android.js (skips web client build) 2 weeks ago
desktop.js Add framework for migrating offline database 3 months ago
fdroid-metadata-workaround Apply F-Droid metadata workaround 4 years ago
make.js [desktop] add missing method to patched logger 3 weeks ago
package-lock.json v3.98.21 1 day ago
package.json v3.98.21 1 day ago Fix duplicate window creation in mailto handling, #2968 10 months ago
third-party.txt remove cordova license notices, closes #3584 10 months ago
tsconfig.json [build] Fix F-Droid build 2 months ago
tsconfig_common.json Adjust for the future strictFunctionTypes, reduce Stream usage in gui 3 months ago
tutao-pub-test.pem test public key update 3 years ago
tutao-pub.pem Update desktop client codesigning public key 3 years ago
webapp.js [maintenance] update commander to v9 3 months ago

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  Tutanota makes encryption easy  

Tutanota is the secure email service with built-in end-to-end encryption that enables you to communicate securely with anyone on all your devices.

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