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@ -4,10 +4,9 @@ Although the publiccode.yml is released under CC-0, we list here the main contri
## [Italian Digital Transformation Team](https://teamdigitale.governo.it)
* Giovanni Bajo <giovanni@teamdigitale.governo.it> (initial draft)
* Giovanni Bajo <giovanni@teamdigitale.governo.it>
* Riccardo Iaconelli <riccardo@teamdigitale.governo.it>
* Alessandro Ranellucci <alranel@teamdigitale.governo.it>
## [Foundation For Public Code](https://publiccode.net)
* Leonardo Favario <leonardo@teamdigitale.governo.it>
* Boris van Hoytema <boris@publiccode.net>
We'd also like to thank the following people for their input on the development of the format: Boris Van Hoytema, Italo Vignoli