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v2.8 (2023/09/12)

  • Under non-Windows operating systems, detect executables with command -v rather than which to provide better cross-platform support (#345).

  • Added new package option inputlanglinenos. This extends the existing langlinenos to cover \inputminted as well (#361).

  • Improved and updated Pygments documentation (#339).

  • Improved \mintinline documentation to address packages that redefine \section (#368).

  • Added support for fvextra options breakafterinrun and breakbeforeinrun (#358). In fvextra version 1.5, breakaftergroup and breakbeforegroup were renamed to breakafterinrun and breakbeforeinrun to avoid naming ambiguity with new options. The old options breakaftergroup and breakbeforegroup are no longer supported.

  • Added DEPENDS.txt (#331).

  • Removed unnecessary dependency on calc package (#313).

  • Added documentation in FAQ about copy and paste limitations (#302).

  • Added note on text lexer to documentation (#274).

v2.7 (2022/12/12)

  • Reimplemented \mintinline to use fvextra's argument reading and processing macros, and to use fvextra's \Verb internally. \mintinline now works with all line breaking options supported by fvextra's \Verb, including breakanywhere (#329, #340). It now gives better results when used inside other commands, since it uses fvextra's retokenization macros. It is now compatible with hyperref for PDF strings such as bookmarks.

  • Reimplemented \newmintinline based on new \mintinline.

  • Reimplemented \mint to use fvextra's argument reading and processing macros. It now gives better results when used inside other commands, since it uses fvextra's retokenization macros. Fixed a bug that caused a continued paragraph after \mint to be indented (#218).

  • Reimplemented \newmint based on new \mint. Commands created with \newmint can now use curly braces as delimiters, just like \mint (#254).

  • Settings passed to pygmentize as command-line options are now quoted. This prevents escapeinside characters from being interpreted as special shell characters (#179, #262).

  • Fixed bug with autogobble that produced incorrect dedent when using lastline with the lines beyond lastline having less indentation than the selected range (#326).

  • Fixed unintended line breaks after hyphens under LuaTeX (#263).

  • Added warning to documentation of \inputminted regarding filenames and shell command execution (#338).

v2.6 (2021/12/24)

  • autogobble automatically uses python or python3 executables, depending on availability, instead of requiring python. A custom executable can be specified by redefining \MintedPython (#277, #287).

  • Fixed autogobble compatibility with fancyvrb 4.0+ (#315, #316).

  • Pygments style names may now contain arbitrary non-whitespace characters. Previously, style names containing digits and some punctuation characters were incompatible (#210, #294, #299, #317). Pygments macros are now only defined just before use locally within minted commands and environments, rather than globally. Pygments macros now always use a \PYG prefix regardless of style, rather than a prefix of the form \PYG<style> (for example, what was previously \PYGdefault is now simply \PYG).

  • Removed Python-based MD5 hashing for XeTeX, which was necessary before XeTeX added \mdfivesum in 2017.

  • The default for stripnl is now false, so that original code is preserved exactly by default (#198).

  • Added support for fontencoding option from fvextra (#208).

  • Added note to FAQ about getting texi2pdf to work with minted given texi2pdf's assumptions about temp files (#186).

  • Reimplemented bgcolor option to be compatible with color package.

v2.5 (2017/07/19)

  • The default placement for the listing float is now tbp instead of h, to parallel figure and table and also avoid warnings caused by h (#165). The documentation now contains information about changing default placement. The float package is no longer loaded when the newfloat package option is used.

  • Added support for *nchars options from fvextra v1.3 that allow setting breaklines-related indentation in terms of a number of characters, rather than as a fixed dimension.

  • Fixed incompatibility with babel magyar (#158).

  • Added support for beamer overlays with beameroverlays option (#155).

  • Comments in the Pygments LaTeX style files no longer appear as literal text when minted is used in .dtx files (#161).

  • autogobble now works with package option kpsewhich (#151). Under Windows, the kpsewhich option no longer requires PowerShell.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented finalizecache from working with outputdir (#149).

  • Fixed a bug with firstline and lastline that prevented them from working with the minted environment (#145).

  • Added note on breqn conflicts to FAQ (#163).

v2.4.1 (2016/10/31)

  • Single quotation marks in \jobname are now replaced with underscores in \minted@jobname to prevent quoting errors (#137).

  • The autogobble option now takes firstline and lastline into account (#130).

  • Fixed numberblanklines, which had been lost in the transition to v2.0+ (#135).

v2.4 (2016/07/20)

  • Line breaking and all associated options are now completely delegated to fvextra.

  • Fixed a bug from v2.2 that could cause the first command or environment to vanish when cache=false (related to work on \MintedPygmentize).

v2.3 (2016/07/14)

  • The fvextra package is now required. fvextra extends and patches fancyvrb, and includes improved versions of fancyvrb extensions that were formerly in minted.

  • As part of fvextra, the upquote package is always loaded. fvextra brings the new option curlyquotes, which allows curly single quotation marks instead of the literal backtick and typewriter single quotation mark produced by upquote. This allows the default upquote behavior to be disabled when desired.

  • Thanks to fvextra, the options breakbefore, breakafter, and breakanywhere are now compatible with non-ASCII characters under pdfTeX (#123).

  • Thanks to fvextra, obeytabs no longer causes lines in multi-line comments or strings to vanish (#88), and is now compatible with breaklines (#99). obeytabs will now always give correct results with tabs used for indentation. However, tab stops are not guaranteed to be correct for tabs in the midst of text.

  • fvextra brings the new options space, spacecolor, tab, and tabcolor that allow these characters and their colors to be redefined (#98). The tab may now be redefined to a flexible-width character such as \rightarrowfill. The visible tab will now always be black by default, instead of changing colors depending on whether it is part of indentation for a multiline string or comment.

  • fvextra brings the new options highlightcolor and highlightlines, which allow single lines or ranges of lines to be highlighted based on line number (#124).

  • fvextra brings the new options numberfirstline, stepnumberfromfirst, and stepnumberoffsetvalues that provide better control over line numbering when stepnumber is not 1.

  • Fixed a bug from v2.2.2 that prevented upquote from working.

v2.2.2 (2016/06/21)

  • Fixed a bug introduced in v2.2 that prevented setting the Pygments style in the preamble. Style definitions are now more compatible with using \MintedPygmentize to call a custom pygmentize.

v2.2.1 (2016/06/15)

  • The shellesc package is loaded before ifplatform and other packages that might invoke \write18 (#112).

  • When caching is enabled, XeTeX uses the new \mdfivesum macro from TeX Live 2016 to hash cache content, rather than using \ShellEscape with Python to perform hashing.

v2.2 (2016/06/08)

  • All uses of \ShellEscape (\write18) no longer wrap file names and paths with double quotes. This allows a cache directory to be specified relative to a user's home directory, for example, ~/minted_cache. cachedir and outputdir paths containing spaces will now require explicit quoting of the parts of the paths that contain spaces, since minted no longer supplies quoting. See the updated documentation for examples (#89).

  • Added breakbefore, breakbeforegroup, breakbeforesymbolpre, and breakbeforesymbolpost. These parallel breakafter*. It is possible to use breakbefore and breakafter for the same character, so long as breakbeforegroup and breakaftergroup have the same setting (#117).

  • Added package options finalizecache and frozencache. These allow the cache to be prepared for (finalizecache) and then used (frozencache) in an environment in which -shell-escape, Python, and/or Pygments are not available. Note that this only works if minted content does not need to be modified, and if no settings that depend on Pygments or Python need to be changed (#113).

  • Style names containing hyphens and underscores (paraiso-light, paraiso-dark, algol_nu) now work (#111).

  • The shellesc package is now loaded, when available, for compatibility with LuaTeX 0.87+ (TeX Live 2016+, etc.). \ShellEscape is now used everywhere instead of \immediate\write18. If shellesc is not available, then a \ShellEscape macro is created. When shellesc is loaded, there is a check for versions before v0.01c to patch a bug in v0.01b (present in TeX Live 2015) (#112).

  • The bgcolor option now uses the snugshade* environment from the framed package, so bgcolor is now compatible with page breaks. When bgcolor is in use, immediately preceding text will no longer push the minted environment into the margin, and there is now adequate spacing from surrounding text (#121).

  • Added missing support for fancyvrb's labelposition (#102).

  • Improved fix for TikZ externalization, thanks to Patrick Vogt (#73).

  • Fixed breakautoindent; it was disabled in version 2.1 due to a bug in breakanywhere.

  • Properly fixed handling of \MintedPygmentize (#62).

  • Added note on incompatibility of breaklines and obeytabs options. Trying to use these together will now result in a package error (#99). Added note on issues with obeytabs and multiline comments (#88). Due to the various obeytabs issues, the docs now discourage using obeytabs.

  • Added note to FAQ on fancybox and fancyvrb conflict (#87).

  • Added note to docs on the need for \VerbatimEnvironment in environment definitions based on minted environments.

v2.1 (2015/09/09)

  • Changing the highlighting style now no longer involves re-highlighing code. Style may be changed with almost no overhead.

  • Improved control of automatic line breaks. New option breakanywhere allows line breaks anywhere when breaklines=true. The pre-break and post-break symbols for these types of breaks may be set with breakanywheresymbolpre and breakanywheresymbolpost (#79). New option breakafter allows specifying characters after which line breaks are allowed. Breaks between adjacent, identical characters may be controlled with breakaftergroup. The pre-break and post-break symbols for these types of breaks may be set with breakaftersymbolpre and breakaftersymbolpost.

  • breakbytoken now only breaks lines between tokens that are separated by spaces, matching the documentation. The new option breakbytokenanywhere allows for breaking between tokens that are immediately adjacent. Fixed a bug in \mintinline that produced a following linebreak when \mintinline was the first thing in a paragraph and breakbytoken was true (#77).

  • Fixed a bug in draft mode option handling for \inputminted (#75).

  • Fixed a bug with \MintedPygmentize when a custom pygmentize was specified and there was no pygmentize on the default path (#62).

  • Added note to docs on caching large numbers of code blocks under OS X (#78).

  • Added discussion of current limitations of texcomments (#66) and escapeinside (#70).

  • PGF/TikZ externalization is automatically detected and supported (#73).

  • The package is now compatible with LaTeX files whose names contain spaces (#85).

v2.0 (2015/01/31)

  • Added the compatibility package minted1, which provides the minted 1.7 code. This may be loaded when 1.7 compatibility is required. This package works with other packages that \RequirePackage{minted}, so long as it is loaded first.

  • Moved all old \changes into changelog.

Development releases for 2.0 (2014-January 2015)

  • Caching is now on by default.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented compiling under Windows when file names contained commas.

  • Added breaksymbolleft, breaksymbolsepleft, breaksymbolindentleft, breaksymbolright, breaksymbolsepright, and breaksymbolindentright options. breaksymbol, breaksymbolsep, and breaksymbolindent are now aliases for the correspondent *left options.

  • Added kpsewhich package option. This uses kpsewhich to locate the files that are to be highlighted. This provides compatibility with build tools like texi2pdf that function by modifying TEXINPUTS (#25).

  • Fixed a bug that prevented \inputminted from working with outputdir.

  • Added informative error messages when Pygments output is missing.

  • Added final package option (opposite of draft).

  • Renamed the default cache directory to _minted-<jobname> (replaced leading period with underscore). The leading period caused the cache directory to be hidden on many systems, which was a potential source of confusion.

  • breaklines and breakbytoken now work with \mintinline (#31).

  • bgcolor may now be set through \setminted and \setmintedinline.

  • When math is enabled via texcomments, mathescape, or escapeinside, space characters now behave as in normal math by vanishing, instead of appearing as literal spaces. Math need no longer be specially formatted to avoid undesired spaces.

  • In default value of \listoflistingscaption, capitalized “Listings” so that capitalization is consistent with default values for other lists (figures, tables, algorithms, etc.).

  • Added newfloat package option that creates the listing environment using newfloat rather than float, thus providing better compatibility with the caption package (#12).

  • Added support for Pygments option stripall.

  • Added breakbytoken option that prevents breaklines from breaking lines within Pygments tokens.

  • \mintinline uses a \colorbox when bgcolor is set, to give more reasonable behavior (#57).

  • For PHP, \mintinline automatically begins with startinline=true (#23).

  • Fixed a bug that threw off line numbering in minted when langlinenos=false and firstnumber=last. Fixed a bug in \mintinline that threw off subsequent line numbering when langlinenos=false and firstnumber=last.

  • Improved behavior of \mint and \mintinline in draft mode.

  • The \mint command now has the additional capability to take code delimited by paired curly braces {}.

  • It is now possible to set options only for \mintinline using the new \setmintedinline command. Inline options override options specified via \setminted.

  • Completely rewrote option handling. fancyvrb options are now handled on the LaTeX side directly, rather than being passed to Pygments and then returned. This makes caching more efficient, since code is no longer rehighlighted just because options changed.

  • Fixed buffer size error caused by using cache with a very large number of files (#61).

  • Fixed autogobble bug that caused failure under some operating systems.

  • Added support for escapeinside (requires Pygments 2.0+; #38).

  • Fixed issues with XeTeX and caching (#40).

  • The upquote package now works correctly with single quotes when using Pygments 1.6+ (#34).

  • Fixed caching incompatibility with Linux and OS X under xelatex (#18 and #42).

  • Fixed autogobble incompatibility with Linux and OS X.

  • \mintinline and derived commands are now robust, via \newrobustcmd from etoolbox.

  • Unused styles are now cleaned up when caching.

  • Fixed a bug that could interfere with caching (#24).

  • Added draft package option (#39). This typesets all code using fancyvrb; Pygments is not used. This trades syntax highlighting for maximum speed in compiling.

  • Added automatic line breaking with breaklines and related options (#1).

  • Fixed a bug with boolean options that needed a False argument to cooperate with \setminted (#48).

v2.0-alpha3 (2013/12/21)

  • Added autogobble option. This sends code through Python's textwrap.dedent() to remove common leading whitespace.

  • Added package option cachedir. This allows the directory in which cached content is saved to be specified.

  • Added package option outputdir. This allows an output directory for temporary files to be specified, so that the package can work with LaTeX's -output-directory command-line option.

  • The kvoptions package is now required. It is needed to process key-value package options, such as the new cachedir option.

  • Many small improvements, including better handling of paths under Windows and improved key system.

v2.0-alpha2 (2013/08/21)

  • \DeleteFile now only deletes files if they do indeed exist. This eliminates warning messages due to missing files.

  • Fixed a bug in the definition of \DeleteFile for non-Windows systems.

  • Added support for Pygments option stripnl.

  • Settings macros that were previously defined globally are now defined locally, so that \setminted may be confined by \begingroup...\endgroup as expected.

  • Macro definitions for a given style are now loaded only once per document, rather than once per command/environment. This works even without caching.

  • A custom script/executable may now be substituted for pygmentize by redefining \MintedPygmentize.

v2.0alpha (2013/07/30)

  • Added the package option cache. This significantly increases compilation speed by caching old output. For example, compiling the documentation is around 5x faster.

  • New inline command \mintinline. Custom versions can be created via \newmintinline. The command works inside other commands (for example, footnotes) in most situations, so long as the percent and hash characters are avoided.

  • The new \setminted command allows options to be specified at the document and language levels.

  • All extended characters (Unicode, etc.) supported by inputenc now work under the pdfTeX engine. This involved using \detokenize on everything prior to saving.

  • New package option langlinenos allows line numbering to pick up where it left off for a given language when firstnumber=last.

  • New options, including style, encoding, outencoding, codetagify, keywordcase, texcomments (same as texcl), python3 (for the PythonConsoleLexer), and numbers.

  • \usemintedstyle now takes an optional argument to specify the style for a particular language, and works anywhere in the document.

  • xcolor is only loaded if color isnt, preventing potential package clashes.