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Uzantoj de Cloudflare / Subtenantoj de Cloudflare

Ili helpas kompanian cenzuron kaj amasan gvatadon.

Bonvolu vidi por dosiera celo kaj formato specifoj.

Cloudflare users / Cloudflare supporters

They are helping corporate censorship and mass surveilance.

See for file purpose and format specifications.

  • "I don't want to get into the Cloudflare debate right now. Cloudflare is a large player because web sites trust them. That trust isn't something Tor Browser or the Tor network can/should protest."
    Matt Finkel, Tor Project, "Supporting the fight for Human Rights and Social Justice."

  • "Cloudflare is essentially a cdn. Characterizing it as a MITM is disingenuous."
    Dana Keeler, Mozilla

  • "Let it be hostile towards Tor. I think most sites should be hostile towards Tor considering its extremely high abuse factor."
    "it's clearly a crusade against cloudflare started by disgruntled TOR users about being challenged by CF's captcha policy for TOR traffic and has no valid background other than political."
    wolfbeast, Palemoon/Basilisk Browser

  • "Blocking an entire CDN would be a major change to either Tor or Tor Browser's design. It's not likely to happen, because of the security vs usability tradeoff. Significantly reducing the usability of Tor would decrease the number of users, making Tor's anonymity set smaller, and reducing anonymity for everyone."
    Tim Wilson-Brown, Tor Project, "teor"