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"Cloudflare, we have a problem"

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It's pretty sad when even the hometown paper is behind the greatcloudwall. C'mon guys. Stop using Cloudflare. It's endangering the world wide web and you're blocking readers who are protecting their privacy by using Tor.

Jeff Cliff

Man-in-the-middle attack is a serious offense. If youre using Cloudflare on your website, you wont get first rank. You shouldnt use it if you value visitors privacy.


I say it's a bad idea to pimp CloudFlare sites and expect such repressions to go unchallenged. Activism is a duty & ethics trumps netiquette. Posting original information exclusively on onion sites is like affirmative action for the repressed Tor community. Correcting the wrongs of CloudFlare entails some unfair discrimination against clearnet users.


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Still defending Cloudflare after all you've read?

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