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Cloudflare incidents

Here's some of Cloudflare incidents.




  • Censorship: ordered Jeff to delist related lines, yet they failed to mention which lines are the problem. All codeberg lines are removed for now.



The Tor Project deleted important ticket, number 24351 after the spammer replaced it with child porn images which hosted on the Tor Onion service. Ticket 34175.

  • Tor project member, Gustavo Gus (Community Team Lead/ggus) defacted Cloudflare-related documents after few days later.


Self publishing platform,, denied Mr. Jeff Cliff's book titled "The Great Cloudwall" and stopped publishing it. The reason is "Copyright infringement". All of book's data, text and image can be found in this repository. You can download this book here.


#greatcloudwall gets further politicized:
Terminates Service for 8Chan - the #greatcloudwall gets one step closer to dictating what you can or cannot say on the internet



The log file from your iOS app shows that you do track personal information, like device name, UUID, and an identifier - install_id That contradicts what you have in your blogpost - “We don't write user-identifiable log data to disk”



So why did I get that email anyway if I'm opted out of all email communication in the account settings?
Which part of the privacy policy allows you to share data with marketing crap like trustpilot?


Cool new tool : Cloud Firewall


"I can't visit Army.mill and Archive Today with Cloudflare DNS."

Let's test:
CloudFlare: (None)
Google: A (Russia, AS51659 LLC Baxet)
CloudFlare: A (NSA, AS13335 Cloudflare, Inc.)
Google: A (Russia, AS51659)

Why these results are completely different!? Try OpenNIC:


"client was trying to make session requests to their API servers but before I can prevent it, cloudflare had me blocked. It's pretty bad as half the internet is behind Cloudflare."



Take a look at Cloudflare's transparency report, "Some things we have never done" section.

Cloudflare has never terminated a customer or taken down content due to political pressure.*

If you're using SumatraPDF, you won't notice * is a link to . Apparently they've terminated a political account. Do you think it's okay to make a false statement and hide a link to tiny asterisk?


"Sites that respect their visitors do not resort to Cloudflare."
"In some cases, for particular countries, having all traffic visible
to the U.S.A can be a matter of life and death."




  • The global internet is rotting from within, and

"In a not-so-distant future, if we're not there already, it may be that if you're going to put content on the Internet you'll need to use a company with a giant network like Cloudflare, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, or Alibaba."

Net neutrality is but a skirmish in this larger struggle for control to monopolize all global digital communications.




This project was started by Marie Gutbub (Shiro) (@shiromarieke) and CryptoParty Berlin (@cryptopartybln).

Shiro handed over support to the greater internet in summer 2016.

It was a text list on text pad: ( and

However it was pointed out that this website itself was on Cloudflare, and cloudflare actively blocked Tor users to access it.

So it was moved to : ( ) and an onion service ( http://j7652k4sod2azfu6.onion/p/noncloudflare-torblocks , http://j7652k4sod2azfu6.onion/p/cloudflare-tor , http://j7652k4sod2azfu6.onion/p/cloudflare-philosophy )

These systemli pads needed to be updated once in every while (week? month?) or the whole list was scrubbed.
This happened a few times, and there were some attempts at vandalism up to and including june 2016.

A fork was made during a multi-day outage at http://git.vola7ileiax4ueow.onion/fuckcloudflare/cloudflare-tor/ (new, not GitHub repo)

However vola7ileiax4ueow's git service went down, so it was moved to github

There used to also be a list of websites that were on cloudflare but are no longer. This list has been lost ( it was on )