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Eloi Vanderbeken fc014066ba Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/chapo182/TCP-32764 into chapo182-master 9 years ago
chapo 87270dd161 possible fix 9 years ago
elvanderb 0384e6039c Merge pull request #96 from lollek/master 9 years ago
Olle K afa6845123 Sercomm AD81ABA not vuln 9 years ago
elvanderb 66de538a99 Update README.md 9 years ago
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knappe d95064a856 Update README.md 9 years ago
elvanderb 0ecb312983 Merge pull request #91 from pidocchio/patch-1 9 years ago
pidocchio 3e9cb5bea6 Backdoor not working with DGN3500 custom firmware 9 years ago
elvanderb 80c7fc9b42 Merge pull request #90 from Sbgodin/damnIndent 9 years ago
Christophe HENRY 425bce9cff Corrects the ident of new code 9 years ago
Christophe HENRY 57cf504591 Corrects a bug due to bad indent 9 years ago
elvanderb c096810049 Merge pull request #89 from aguinet/master 9 years ago
Adrien Guinet fed47fca98 File upload commands 9 years ago
elvanderb 9c55daab33 Merge pull request #88 from Sbgodin/tabCorrection 9 years ago
Christophe HENRY 07580523dc Corrects wrong tabs 9 years ago
elvanderb 9f32bf2495 Update README.md 9 years ago
elvanderb 68b12ad683 Merge pull request #86 from mangiucugna/patch-1 9 years ago
mangiucugna 4362ee2727 Updated with negative test on Cisco EPC3925 9 years ago
elvanderb 31d1d81002 Merge pull request #84 from getoliverleon/patch-1 9 years ago
Oliver 1b61cca636 Added Linksys E3200 not vulnerable 9 years ago
elvanderb 2a78d0c1a1 Confirmation that SerComm is the root cause 9 years ago
elvanderb 32c59f9df0 Merge pull request #83 from Sbgodin/quickCrendentials 9 years ago
Christophe HENRY 9650d76bb9 Adds the script kiddie command to get login/pass 9 years ago
elvanderb 47aa73ef5a Merge pull request #82 from Sbgodin/getCredentials 9 years ago
Christophe HENRY 2cc9cfb707 Adds --get_credentials to search for credentials 9 years ago
elvanderb 021b42f2f4 Merge pull request #80 from frank2/wpnt834 9 years ago
elvanderb f0ecd6fa41 Merge pull request #78 from davek-cygwin/master 9 years ago
frank2 69b2a92bf1 horns.aiff for WPNT834 9 years ago
Dave Korn d9267cf30b Tested and verified backdoor not working on Belkin F9K1002 v3 9 years ago
elvanderb 33a72b353a Merge pull request #75 from frank2/exec-option 9 years ago
elvanderb e0cf086157 Merge pull request #74 from DuaneBarry/patch-1 9 years ago
frank2 77732dbaea OKAY FINE EXEC IS RESERVED SHEESH 9 years ago
frank2 e79f5623e9 oh hey well that didn't work, maybe this will! 9 years ago
frank2 7644a1d8bd whoops syntax error 9 years ago
frank2 fae0d6a0c8 adding exec option! 9 years ago
DuaneBarry ab5f8ad0f6 Add Linksys WAG354G V.2 EU (not vulnerable) 9 years ago
elvanderb 7cc4002969 Merge pull request #72 from jvennix-r7/add_linksys_wrt_110_and_100 9 years ago
Joe Vennix 039580f382 Add linksys wrt100 and 110 routers. 9 years ago
elvanderb 36e420f80c Merge pull request #68 from MilhouseVH/master 9 years ago
MilhouseVH 8374773444 Add Netgear DGND4000 (not vulnerable) 9 years ago
elvanderb 110b64bbad an open letter to journalists 9 years ago