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Syncthing is a continuous file synchronization program. It synchronizes files between two or more computers. We strive to fulfill the goals below. The goals are listed in order of importance, the most important one being the first. This is the summary version of the goal list - for more commentary, see the full Goals document.

Syncthing should be:

  1. Safe From Data Loss

    Protecting the user's data is paramount. We take every reasonable precaution to avoid corrupting the user's files.

  2. Secure Against Attackers

    Again, protecting the user's data is paramount. Regardless of our other goals we must never allow the user's data to be susceptible to eavesdropping or modification by unauthorized parties.

  3. Easy to Use

    Syncthing should be approachable, understandable and inclusive.

  4. Automatic

    User interaction should be required only when absolutely necessary.

  5. Universally Available

    Syncthing should run on every common computer. We are mindful that the latest technology is not always available to any given individual.

  6. For Individuals

    Syncthing is primarily about empowering the individual user with safe, secure and easy to use file synchronization.

  7. Everything Else

    There are many things we care about that don't make it on to the list. It is fine to optimize for these values, as long as they are not in conflict with the stated goals above.

Getting Started

Take a look at the getting started guide.

There are a few examples for keeping Syncthing running in the background on your system in the etc directory. There are also several GUI implementations for Windows, Mac and Linux.


To run Syncthing in Docker, see the Docker README.

Vote on features/bugs

We'd like to encourage you to vote on issues that matter to you. This helps the team understand what are the biggest pain points for our users, and could potentially influence what is being worked on next.

Getting in Touch

The first and best point of contact is the Forum. If you've found something that is clearly a bug, feel free to report it in the GitHub issue tracker.


Building Syncthing from source is easy. After extracting the source bundle from a release or checking out git, you just need to run go run build.go and the binaries are created in ./bin. There's a guide with more details on the build process.

Signed Releases

As of v0.10.15 and onwards release binaries are GPG signed with the key D26E6ED000654A3E, available from and most key servers.

There is also a built in automatic upgrade mechanism (disabled in some distribution channels) which uses a compiled in ECDSA signature. macOS binaries are also properly code signed.


Please see the Syncthing documentation site [source].

All code is licensed under the MPLv2 License.