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Brigitta Sipőcz 87be1e426a
CI: Add weekly testing to CI via cron (#147) 3 weeks ago
Ross Barnowski 524c055e9a Activate windows for conda CI now that atari-py is gone. 2 months ago
Ross Barnowski 47fb909bbd
DEV: Add nbval to CI. (#132) 2 months ago
Ross Barnowski 3b7969238a Add CI to test conda workflow + macos 8 months ago
Ross Barnowski 1ff0974a51
CI: fix incorrect name in artifact redirector conf. (#79) 1 year ago
Ross Barnowski 23f58562b8 Swap out github actions 2 years ago
Melissa Weber Mendonça 1b1021dbe9
Fixes branch name to trigger nbval gh-action. (#30) 2 years ago
MelissaWM 70b6e019cf Adds github action to use nbval/pytest to validate notebooks. 2 years ago
MelissaWM fbc4b59963 Fixed chatops file and directed binder to content folder. 2 years ago
MelissaWM e4f0b438be Removed sphinx and added binder (including gh-actions to trigger binder in issue/pr comments) 2 years ago