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*Text from [AndroidPIT](*
#### [Snikket]( [![Generic badge](]( [![Generic badge](](
*Alternative to WhatsApp* — Snikket is an open-source easy-to-use decentralized messaging app. It supports encrypted chats, voice and video calls and group messaging. It does not require a phone number, and allows you to add multiple devices on the same account. Once you create your private Snikket instance (either hosted or self-hosted), you can invite your family and friends to join you by sharing a simple link. Snikket is part of an open network based on the
standard messaging protocol XMPP, so you can also communicate with people on other Snikket instances and compatible messaging services.
### [Briar]( [![Generic badge](](
*Alternative to WhatsApp* — Briar is an open-source software communication technology, intended to provide secure and resilient peer-to-peer communications with no centralized servers and minimal reliance on external infrastructure. Connections are made through bluetooth, WiFi, or over the internet via Tor and all private communication is end-to-end encrypted.