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## Links to Linux Café
- [Linux Café Website](htOnce you create your private Snikket instance (either hosted or
[self-hosted](/self-hosting/)), you can invite your family and friends to join
you by sharing a simple link. Snikket is part of an open network based on the
standard messaging protocol [XMPP](/use/xmpp/), so you can also communicate
with people on other Snikket instances and compatible messaging services.tps://linuxcafefederation.github.io/LinuxCafe/)
- [Linux Café Website](https://linuxcafefederation.github.io/LinuxCafe/)
- [Linux Café Discord](https://discord.gg/YY4zrNR)
- [Linux Café Matrix](https://matrix.to/#/+linuxcafegroup:linuxcafe.chat)
- [Linux Café Telegram](https://t.me/joinchat/Mn4RpxM6KrSLQMBL78yloQ)