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Karel Zak e113093ce9 lib/env: add function to save and restore unwanted variables 2 years ago
.. tests: add sanitize_env() check 3 years ago
blkdev.c lib/blkdev: add support for --lock and LOCK_BLOCK_DEVICE 3 years ago
canonicalize.c lib/canonicalize: fix compiler warning [-Wsign-compare] 4 years ago
caputils.c unshare: add --keep-caps option 3 years ago
color-names.c lib/color-names: add "white" between human-readable 3 years ago
colors.c misc: fix typos [codespell] 3 years ago
cpuset.c taskset: fix cpuset list parser 4 years ago
crc32.c lib/crc32: prefix public functions 6 years ago
crc32c.c lib: Add simple crc32c() function 5 years ago
encode.c [clang-tidy] do not use else after return 3 years ago
env.c lib/env: add function to save and restore unwanted variables 2 years ago
exec_shell.c exec_shell: prevent ".: applet not found" error when SHELL env is not set. 4 years ago
fileutils.c lib/fileutils: add close_all_fds() 3 years ago
idcache.c [clang-tidy] do not return in void functions 3 years ago
ismounted.c [clang-tidy] fix wrong *cmp usage 3 years ago
langinfo.c lib: add missing license headers 3 years ago
linux_version.c lib/linux_version: fix code indention 6 years ago
loopdev.c docs: reword others "allow to" 2 years ago
mangle.c include: add some missing licence stuff to header files 3 years ago
match.c lib/match: make match_fstype() case insensitive 5 years ago
mbsalign.c lib/mbsalign: add function to calculate width 3 years ago
mbsedit.c lib/mbsedit: check wctomb() return code [coverity scan] 5 years ago
md5.c lib/md5: use ul_/UL_ prefix 5 years ago
monotonic.c dmesg: adjust timestamps according to suspended time 3 years ago
pager.c lib/pager: fix compiler warning [-Wrestrict] 4 years ago
path.c lib/path: add ul_path_is_accessible() 2 years ago
plymouth-ctrl.c lib: style cosmetics plymouth-ctrl.c 6 years ago
procutils.c lib: use unique ifdefs for tests 6 years ago
pty-session.c Update pty-session.c 2 years ago
pwdutils.c lib/pwdutils: add xgetgrnam 3 years ago
randutils.c Fix minor typos 2 years ago
setproctitle.c setproctitle: fix out of boundary access 5 years ago
sha1.c lib/sha1: use proper WORDS_BIGENDIAN macro 5 years ago
signames.c lib/signames: remove unused function 5 years ago
strutils.c lib/strutils: use directly err() 2 years ago
strv.c lib/strv: add strv_extendv() 7 years ago
swapprober.c [clang-tidy] fix wrong *cmp usage 3 years ago
sysfs.c lib/sysfs: fix prefix use in sysfs_devname_is_hidden() 2 years ago
terminal-colors.d.5 Manual pages: order ENVIRONMENT / FILES / CONFORMING TO consistently 3 years ago
timer.c lib/timer: add fallback if timer_create() not available 4 years ago
timeutils.c [clang-tidy] fix misleading identation 3 years ago
ttyutils.c [clang-tidy] do not use else after return 3 years ago