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#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
/* Number of bytes from the beginning of the file we always
* compare by memcmp() */
struct ul_fileeq_data {
unsigned char intro[UL_FILEEQ_INTROSIZ];
unsigned char *blocks;
size_t nblocks;
size_t maxblocks;
int fd;
const char *name;
bool is_eof;
struct ul_fileeq {
int fd_api; /* Crypto socket */
int fd_cip; /* Cipher handler */
size_t readsiz;
uint64_t filesiz;
uint64_t blocksmax;
const struct ul_fileeq_method *method;
/* UL_FILEEQ_MEMCMP buffers */
unsigned char *buf_a;
unsigned char *buf_b;
unsigned char *buf_last;
extern int ul_fileeq_init(struct ul_fileeq *eq, const char *method);
extern void ul_fileeq_deinit(struct ul_fileeq *eq);
extern int ul_fileeq_data_associated(struct ul_fileeq_data *data);
extern void ul_fileeq_data_close_file(struct ul_fileeq_data *data);
extern void ul_fileeq_data_init(struct ul_fileeq_data *data);
extern void ul_fileeq_data_deinit(struct ul_fileeq_data *data);
extern void ul_fileeq_data_set_file(struct ul_fileeq_data *data,
const char *name);
extern size_t ul_fileeq_set_size(struct ul_fileeq *eq, uint64_t filesiz,
size_t readsiz, size_t memsiz);
extern int ul_fileeq(struct ul_fileeq *eq,
struct ul_fileeq_data *a, struct ul_fileeq_data *b);
#endif /* UTIL_LINUX_FILEEQ */