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Sebastian Rasmussen 9e93004171 misc: Fix various typos 7 years ago
.. build-sys: add missing include/plymouth-ctrl.h 7 years ago
all-io.h include/all-io: read_all() don't retry on EOF 7 years ago
bitops.h include/bitops: avoid fallbacks for more systems 7 years ago
blkdev.h lib: include sys/stat.h for struct stat 7 years ago
c.h include: move sys/sysmacros.h to c.h 7 years ago
canonicalize.h libmount: try absolute target before canonicalize 7 years ago
carefulputc.h libsmartcols: keep JSON field names lower-case 8 years ago
closestream.h include/closestream: don't wipe errno on EPIPE 9 years ago
color-names.h misc: Fix various typos 7 years ago
colors.h textual: adjust grammar and punctuation of some messages 7 years ago
cpuset.h misc: Fix various typos 7 years ago
crc32.h lib/crc32: don't require to modify GPT header 7 years ago
debug.h misc: Fix various typos 7 years ago
env.h include/env: unify indentation 10 years ago
exec_shell.h unshare,nsenter: spawn shell by default 10 years ago
exitcodes.h include/exitcodes: clean up names, add _EX_ suffix 11 years ago
fileutils.h build-sys: add and use openat build conditionals 7 years ago
idcache.h namei: move icache to lib/ 7 years ago
ismounted.h lib: import whole ismounted.c code from e2fsprogs 13 years ago
linux_version.h lib: add linux_version.{c,h} 15 years ago
list.h include: fix compiler warnings 8 years ago
loopdev.h losetup: support list direct io 7 years ago
mangle.h lib/mangle: cleanup, add unhexmangle 11 years ago
match.h lib,match: split match_fstype() from libmount 11 years ago
mbsalign.h libsmartcols: support multibyte titles, rename wrap to padding 7 years ago
md5.h build-sys: check HAVE_ definitions with #ifdef [smatch scan] 11 years ago
minix.h libblkid: arch independent minix detection 10 years ago
monotonic.h lib/timer: use separate file for timers 8 years ago
namespace.h Implement support for cgroup namespaces 7 years ago
nls.h lib/strutils: circumvent missing localeconv() 11 years ago
optutils.h include/optutils: fix typo 8 years ago
pager.h lib: add pager functionality 11 years ago
pamfail.h login-utils: Enable building util-linux against OpenPAM 8 years ago
path.h lib/path: add path_strdup() 9 years ago
pathnames.h misc: remove path name definitions that are unused 7 years ago
plymouth-ctrl.h misc: Fix various typos 7 years ago
procutils.h lslocks: use stuff from lib/procutils 7 years ago
pt-bsd.h fdisk: (bsd) write/read PT code cleanup 9 years ago
pt-mbr-partnames.h include/pt-mbr-partnames: remove '|' from partition type name 7 years ago
pt-mbr.h fdisk: to recognize Intel Rapid Start hibernation partition 7 years ago
pt-sgi.h fdisk: (sgi) fix unsigned integer overflow [AddressSanitizer] 8 years ago
pt-sun.h libblkid: rename in sun_disklabel for compatibility with fdisk 10 years ago
randutils.h mcookie: use lib/randutils 9 years ago
rpmatch.h rpmatch: use symbolic value when evaluation return codes 8 years ago
setproctitle.h lib: cleanup setproctitle.c 11 years ago
statfs_magic.h misc: Fix various typos 7 years ago
strutils.h lib/timeutils: add strxxx_iso() functions 7 years ago
strv.h lib/strv: add strv_extendv() 7 years ago
swapheader.h mkswap: remove unnecessary size check 8 years ago
swapprober.h swapon: split swapon-common.c 8 years ago
sysfs.h misc: Fix various typos 7 years ago
timer.h lib/timer: use separate file for timers 8 years ago
timeutils.h lib/timeutils: add strtime_short() 7 years ago
ttyutils.h lib/tty: Pass default width to get_terminal_width() 7 years ago
widechar.h lib/mbsalign: fix warnings when compile without widechars 7 years ago
xalloc.h include/xalloc: add err_oom() 7 years ago