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{0x00, N_("Empty")},
{0x01, N_("FAT12")},
{0x02, N_("XENIX root")},
{0x03, N_("XENIX usr")},
{0x04, N_("FAT16 <32M")},
{0x05, N_("Extended")}, /* DOS 3.3+ extended partition */
{0x06, N_("FAT16")}, /* DOS 16-bit >=32M */
{0x07, N_("HPFS/NTFS/exFAT")}, /* OS/2 IFS, eg, HPFS or NTFS or QNX or exFAT */
{0x08, N_("AIX")}, /* AIX boot (AIX -- PS/2 port) or SplitDrive */
{0x09, N_("AIX bootable")}, /* AIX data or Coherent */
{0x0a, N_("OS/2 Boot Manager")},/* OS/2 Boot Manager */
{0x0b, N_("W95 FAT32")},
{0x0c, N_("W95 FAT32 (LBA)")},/* LBA really is `Extended Int 13h' */
{0x0e, N_("W95 FAT16 (LBA)")},
{0x0f, N_("W95 Ext'd (LBA)")},
{0x10, N_("OPUS")},
{0x11, N_("Hidden FAT12")},
{0x12, N_("Compaq diagnostics")},
{0x14, N_("Hidden FAT16 <32M")},
{0x16, N_("Hidden FAT16")},
{0x17, N_("Hidden HPFS/NTFS")},
{0x18, N_("AST SmartSleep")},
{0x1b, N_("Hidden W95 FAT32")},
{0x1c, N_("Hidden W95 FAT32 (LBA)")},
{0x1e, N_("Hidden W95 FAT16 (LBA)")},
{0x24, N_("NEC DOS")},
{0x27, N_("Hidden NTFS WinRE")},
{0x39, N_("Plan 9")},
{0x3c, N_("PartitionMagic recovery")},
{0x40, N_("Venix 80286")},
{0x41, N_("PPC PReP Boot")},
{0x42, N_("SFS")},
{0x4d, N_("QNX4.x")},
{0x4e, N_("QNX4.x 2nd part")},
{0x4f, N_("QNX4.x 3rd part")},
{0x50, N_("OnTrack DM")},
{0x51, N_("OnTrack DM6 Aux1")}, /* (or Novell) */
{0x52, N_("CP/M")}, /* CP/M or Microport SysV/AT */
{0x53, N_("OnTrack DM6 Aux3")},
{0x54, N_("OnTrackDM6")},
{0x55, N_("EZ-Drive")},
{0x56, N_("Golden Bow")},
{0x5c, N_("Priam Edisk")},
{0x61, N_("SpeedStor")},
{0x63, N_("GNU HURD or SysV")}, /* GNU HURD or Mach or Sys V/386 (such as ISC UNIX) */
{0x64, N_("Novell Netware 286")},
{0x65, N_("Novell Netware 386")},
{0x70, N_("DiskSecure Multi-Boot")},
{0x75, N_("PC/IX")},
{0x80, N_("Old Minix")}, /* Minix 1.4a and earlier */
{0x81, N_("Minix / old Linux")},/* Minix 1.4b and later */
{0x82, N_("Linux swap / Solaris")},
{0x83, N_("Linux")},
{0x84, N_("OS/2 hidden or Intel hibernation")},/* OS/2 hidden C: drive,
hibernation type Microsoft APM
or hibernation Intel Rapid Start */
{0x85, N_("Linux extended")},
{0x86, N_("NTFS volume set")},
{0x87, N_("NTFS volume set")},
{0x88, N_("Linux plaintext")},
{0x8e, N_("Linux LVM")},
{0x93, N_("Amoeba")},
{0x94, N_("Amoeba BBT")}, /* (bad block table) */
{0x9f, N_("BSD/OS")}, /* BSDI */
{0xa0, N_("IBM Thinkpad hibernation")},
{0xa5, N_("FreeBSD")}, /* various BSD flavours */
{0xa6, N_("OpenBSD")},
{0xa7, N_("NeXTSTEP")},
{0xa8, N_("Darwin UFS")},
{0xa9, N_("NetBSD")},
{0xab, N_("Darwin boot")},
{0xaf, N_("HFS / HFS+")},
{0xb7, N_("BSDI fs")},
{0xb8, N_("BSDI swap")},
{0xbb, N_("Boot Wizard hidden")},
{0xbc, N_("Acronis FAT32 LBA")},/* hidden (+0xb0) Acronis Secure Zone (backup software) */
{0xbe, N_("Solaris boot")},
{0xbf, N_("Solaris")},
{0xc1, N_("DRDOS/sec (FAT-12)")},
{0xc4, N_("DRDOS/sec (FAT-16 < 32M)")},
{0xc6, N_("DRDOS/sec (FAT-16)")},
{0xc7, N_("Syrinx")},
{0xda, N_("Non-FS data")},
{0xdb, N_("CP/M / CTOS / ...")},/* CP/M or Concurrent CP/M or
Concurrent DOS or CTOS */
{0xde, N_("Dell Utility")}, /* Dell PowerEdge Server utilities */
{0xdf, N_("BootIt")}, /* BootIt EMBRM */
{0xe1, N_("DOS access")}, /* DOS access or SpeedStor 12-bit FAT
extended partition */
{0xe3, N_("DOS R/O")}, /* DOS R/O or SpeedStor */
{0xe4, N_("SpeedStor")}, /* SpeedStor 16-bit FAT extended
partition < 1024 cyl. */
/* Linux */
{0xea, N_("Linux extended boot")},
{0xeb, N_("BeOS fs")},
{0xee, N_("GPT")}, /* Intel EFI GUID Partition Table */
{0xef, N_("EFI (FAT-12/16/32)")},/* Intel EFI System Partition */
{0xf0, N_("Linux/PA-RISC boot")},/* Linux/PA-RISC boot loader */
{0xf1, N_("SpeedStor")},
{0xf4, N_("SpeedStor")}, /* SpeedStor large partition */
{0xf2, N_("DOS secondary")}, /* DOS 3.3+ secondary */
{0xf8, N_("EBBR protective")}, /* Arm EBBR firmware protective partition */
{0xfb, N_("VMware VMFS")},
{0xfc, N_("VMware VMKCORE")}, /* VMware kernel dump partition */
{0xfd, N_("Linux raid autodetect")},/* Linux raid partition with
autodetect using persistent
superblock */
{0xfe, N_("LANstep")}, /* SpeedStor >1024 cyl. or LANstep */
{0xff, N_("BBT")}, /* Xenix Bad Block Table */
{ 0, NULL }