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#ifndef UTIL_LINUX_MD5_H
#define UTIL_LINUX_MD5_H
#include <stdint.h>
#define UL_MD5LENGTH 16
struct UL_MD5Context {
uint32_t buf[4];
uint32_t bits[2];
unsigned char in[64];
void ul_MD5Init(struct UL_MD5Context *ctx);
void ul_MD5Update(struct UL_MD5Context *ctx, unsigned char const *buf, unsigned len);
void ul_MD5Final(unsigned char digest[UL_MD5LENGTH], struct UL_MD5Context *ctx);
void ul_MD5Transform(uint32_t buf[4], uint32_t const in[16]);
* This is needed to make RSAREF happy on some MS-DOS compilers.
typedef struct UL_MD5Context UL_MD5_CTX;
#endif /* !UTIL_LINUX_MD5_H */