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#include "c.h"
struct ul_buffer {
char *begin; /* begin of the data */
char *end; /* current end of data */
size_t sz; /* allocated space for data */
size_t chunksize;
char *encoded; /* encoded data (from mbs_safe_encode_to_buffer)) */
size_t encoded_sz; /* space allocated for encoded data */
char **ptrs; /* saved pointers */
size_t nptrs; /* number of saved pointers */
#define UL_INIT_BUFFER { .begin = NULL }
void ul_buffer_reset_data(struct ul_buffer *buf);
void ul_buffer_free_data(struct ul_buffer *buf);
int ul_buffer_is_empty(struct ul_buffer *buf);
void ul_buffer_set_chunksize(struct ul_buffer *buf, size_t sz);
void ul_buffer_refer_string(struct ul_buffer *buf, char *str);
int ul_buffer_alloc_data(struct ul_buffer *buf, size_t sz);
int ul_buffer_append_data(struct ul_buffer *buf, const char *data, size_t sz);
int ul_buffer_append_string(struct ul_buffer *buf, const char *str);
int ul_buffer_append_ntimes(struct ul_buffer *buf, size_t n, const char *str);
int ul_buffer_set_data(struct ul_buffer *buf, const char *data, size_t sz);
char *ul_buffer_get_data(struct ul_buffer *buf, size_t *sz, size_t *width);
char *ul_buffer_get_safe_data(struct ul_buffer *buf, size_t *sz, size_t *width, const char *safechars);
size_t ul_buffer_get_bufsiz(struct ul_buffer *buf);
int ul_buffer_save_pointer(struct ul_buffer *buf, unsigned short ptr_idx);
char *ul_buffer_get_pointer(struct ul_buffer *buf, unsigned short ptr_idx);
size_t ul_buffer_get_pointer_length(struct ul_buffer *buf, unsigned short ptr_idx);
size_t ul_buffer_get_safe_pointer_width(struct ul_buffer *buf, unsigned short ptr_idx);
#endif /* UTIL_LINUX_BUFFER */