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util-linux is a random collection of Linux utilities

Note that in years 2006-2010 this project used the name "util-linux-ng".






Note that upstream community has no resources to provide support for end
users with distribution specific issues. It's strongly recommended to
report bugs to the distribution (downstream) maintainers by distribution
bug tracking systems.


See also Documentation/howto-contribute.txt

Web interface:

git clone git:// util-linux

Note that GitHub repository may contain temporary development branches too.

The repository contains master (current development) and stable/*
(maintenance) branches only. All master or stable/* changes are always pushed
to the both repositories in the same time.


PO files are maintained by:


Standard releases:


major = fatal and deep changes
minor = typical release with new features
maint = maintenance releases; bug fixes only
bugfix = unplanned releases for critical/security bugs

Development releases: