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Pali Rohár 4c95e17903 libfdisk: (gpt) Add UUID for Marvell Armada 3700 Boot partition 5 months ago
.github/workflows ci: add a GHAction sending data to Coverity 11 months ago
Documentation docs: update v2.38-ReleaseNotes 6 months ago
bash-completion irqtop: support -C/--cpu-list 6 months ago
config build-sys: gtkdoc-fixxref v1.27 requires module option 5 years ago
disk-utils partx: remove memory leak to make scanners happy [coverity scan] 6 months ago
include libfdisk: (gpt) Add UUID for Marvell Armada 3700 Boot partition 5 months ago
lib lib/strutils: make sure ul_strtoXX functions always set errno 5 months ago
libblkid libblkid: fix FSSIZE docs 5 months ago
libfdisk meson: fix static builds creating conflicting targets 6 months ago
libmount libmount: cleanup UID and GIR parsing, add tests 5 months ago
libsmartcols meson: fix typoed copy-paste error that override other dependencies to blkid 5 months ago
libuuid libuuid: improve cache handling 5 months ago
login-utils libmount: fix typos 6 months ago
m4 build-sys: use $LIBS rather than LDFLAGS 1 year ago
man-common colors.adoc: format command name bold 8 months ago
misc-utils blkid: add FSSIZE tag with tests for XFS 5 months ago
po po: merge changes 6 months ago
po-man po-man: merge changes 6 months ago
schedutils man pages: unify output of --help and --version 8 months ago
sys-utils lsirq: improve --sort IRQ 5 months ago
term-utils meson: update for logindefs move 6 months ago
tests blkid: add FSSIZE tag with tests for XFS 5 months ago
text-utils column: fix memory use [coverity scan] 6 months ago
tools tools: add git-tp-sync-man 7 months ago
.editorconfig add .editorconfig 7 years ago
.gitignore build-sys: add blkpr to gitignore 5 months ago
AUTHORS docs: update AUTHORS file 6 months ago
COPYING docs: corrections to FSF license files, and postal address 11 years ago
ChangeLog docs: Correct ChangeLog URL to history log. 2 years ago build-sys: distribute Meson files 7 months ago
NEWS build-sys: release++ (v2.38) 6 months ago
README docs: update IRC address 11 months ago
README.licensing docs: add GPLv3 text 3 years ago build-sys: use set +e before patch --try in ./ 11 months ago blkpr: add block persistent reservations command 6 months ago meson: pass the correct absolute path to config.h 6 months ago
meson_options.txt meson: make raw(7) optional 1 year ago
util-linux.doap docs: update github URL 11 months ago



util-linux is a random collection of Linux utilities

Note: for the years 2006-2010 this project was named "util-linux-ng".


See Documentation/howto-compilation.txt.



The mailing list will reject email messages that contain:
- more than 100K characters
- html
- spam phrases/keywords


#util-linux at


The IRC channel and Mailing list are for developers and project
maintainers. For end users it is recommended to utilize the
distribution's support system.



Bug reports with sensitive or private information: Karel Zak <>

This project has no resources to provide support for distribution specific
issues. For end users it is recommended to utilize the distribution's
support system.


PO files are maintained by:


Standard releases:
major = fatal and deep changes
minor = typical release with new features
maint = maintenance releases; bug fixes only

Development releases:


Download archive:

See also:

SCM (Source Code Management) Repository:

Primary repository:
git clone git://

Backup repository:
git clone git://

Web interfaces:

Note: the GitHub repository may contain temporary development branches too.

The repository contains master (current development) and stable/*
(maintenance) branches only. All master or stable/* changes are always pushed
to both repositories at the same time.

Repository Branches: 'git branch -a'
master branch
- current development
- the source for stable releases when deemed ready.
- day-to-day status is: 'it works for me'. This means that its
normal state is useful but not well tested.
- long-term development or invasive changes in active development are
forked into separate 'topic' branches from the tip of 'master'.

stable/ branches
- public releases
- branch name: stable/v<major>.<minor>.
- created from the 'master' branch after two or more release
candidates and the final public release. This means that the stable
releases are committed, tagged, and reachable in 'master'.
- these branches then become forked development branches. This means
that any changes made to them diverge from the 'master' branch.
- maintenance releases are part of, and belong to, their respective
stable branch. As such, they are tags(<major>.<minor>.<maint>) and
not branches of their own. They are not part of, visible in, or
have anything to do with the 'master' development branch. In git
terminology: maintenance releases are not reachable from 'master'.
- when initially cloned (as with the 'git clone' command given above)
these branches are created as 'remote tracking branches' and are
only visible by using the -a or -r options to 'git branch'. To
create a local branch use the desired tag with this command:
'git checkout -b v2.29.2 v2.29.2'

Tags: 'git tag'
- a new tag object is created for every release.
- tag name: v<version>.
- all tags are signed by the maintainer's PGP key.

Known Bugs:
- don't use tag v2.13.1 (created and published by mistake),
use v2.13.1-REAL instead.


1) development (branch: <master>)

2) master release (tags: v2.29-rc1, v2.29-rc2, v2.29, branch: <master>)

3) development (work on v2.30, branch: <master>)

4) fork -- create a new branch <stable/v2.29> based on tag v2.29

4a) new patches or cherry-pick patches from <master> (branch: <stable/v2.29>)

4b) stable release (tag: v2.29.1, branch: <stable/v2.29>)

4c) more patches; another release (tag: v2.29.2, branch: <stable/v2.29>)

5) master release v2.30 (branch: <master>)

where 3) and 4) happen simultaneously.