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SHA-1 in C
By Steve Reid <>
100% Public Domain
#include "stdint.h"
#define UL_SHA1LENGTH 20
typedef struct
uint32_t state[5];
uint32_t count[2];
unsigned char buffer[64];
void ul_SHA1Transform(uint32_t state[5], const unsigned char buffer[64]);
void ul_SHA1Init(UL_SHA1_CTX *context);
void ul_SHA1Update(UL_SHA1_CTX *context, const unsigned char *data, uint32_t len);
void ul_SHA1Final(unsigned char digest[UL_SHA1LENGTH], UL_SHA1_CTX *context);
void ul_SHA1(char *hash_out, const char *str, unsigned len);
#endif /* UTIL_LINUX_SHA1_H */