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Daniel Drake 1f10f4afec isosize: move ISO size functions into a shared header 3 years ago
.. isosize: move ISO size functions into a shared header 3 years ago
all-io.h include/all-io: remove unnecessary condition [lgtm scan] 3 years ago
bitops.h include/bitops: avoid fallbacks for more systems 7 years ago
blkdev.h lib: include sys/stat.h for struct stat 7 years ago
c.h misc: fix typos [codespell] 3 years ago
canonicalize.h lsblk: use prefix for DM name 4 years ago
caputils.h unshare: add --keep-caps option 3 years ago
carefulputc.h Remove isascii usage 3 years ago
cctype.h lib: add parse-date.y 6 years ago
closestream.h include/closestream: fix assignment to read-only standard streams 3 years ago
color-names.h misc: Fix various typos 7 years ago
colors.h lib/colors: force to "never" mode on non-terminal output 4 years ago
cpuset.h misc: Fix various typos 7 years ago
crc32.h lib/crc32: prefix public functions 6 years ago
crc32c.h lib: Add simple crc32c() function 5 years ago
debug.h include/debug: introduce __UL_INIT_DEBUG_FROM_STRING() 5 years ago
debugobj.h include/debug: don't print pointer address for SUID programs 5 years ago
env.h include/env: minor fixes and clean ups 6 years ago
exec_shell.h lib/exec_shell: cleanup function attributes 5 years ago
exitcodes.h include/exitcodes: remove mount(8) exit codes 6 years ago
fileutils.h lib/fileutils: add close_all_fds() 3 years ago
idcache.h namei: move icache to lib/ 7 years ago
ismounted.h lib: import whole ismounted.c code from e2fsprogs 13 years ago
iso9660.h isosize: move ISO size functions into a shared header 3 years ago
linux_version.h lib: add linux_version.{c,h} 15 years ago
list.h include/list: add list_entry_is_first() and list_count_entries() 4 years ago
loopdev.h lib/loopdev: set blocksize when create a new device 4 years ago
mangle.h lib/mangle: const quialifier cleanup 4 years ago
match.h lib,match: split match_fstype() from libmount 11 years ago
mbsalign.h lib/mbsalign: add mbs_invalid_encode() 5 years ago
mbsedit.h lib/mbsedit: add simple buffer editor 6 years ago
md5.h lib/md5: use ul_/UL_ prefix 5 years ago
minix.h libblkid: arch independent minix detection 10 years ago
monotonic.h include: add indirect monotonic clock id specifier 4 years ago
namespace.h Implement support for cgroup namespaces 7 years ago
nls.h misc: fix typos using codespell 5 years ago
optutils.h optutils.h: don't print non-graph characters 6 years ago
pager.h lib/pager: cleanup and extend API 6 years ago
partx.h build-sys: fix non-blkid compilation 5 years ago
path.h lib/path: fix missing header for `struct stat` 3 years ago
pathnames.h agetty: add support for /run/issue and /usr/lib/issue 3 years ago
pidfd-utils.h include/pidfd-utils: small cleanup 3 years ago
plymouth-ctrl.h cleanup: Remove some spurious spaces 3 years ago
procutils.h lslocks: use stuff from lib/procutils 7 years ago
pt-bsd.h fdisk: (bsd) write/read PT code cleanup 9 years ago
pt-gpt-partnames.h libfdisk: move GPT partition types to include/ 3 years ago
pt-mbr-partnames.h docs: remove some old history from manpages 5 years ago
pt-mbr.h include/pt-mbr.h: fix integer overflow 5 years ago
pt-sgi.h build-sys: fix UTIL_LINUX_PT_SGI_H macro [lgtm scan] 3 years ago
pt-sun.h libblkid: const qualifier cleanup 4 years ago
pty-session.h script: listen to SIGUSR1, flush logs on the signal 3 years ago
pwdutils.h lib/pwdutils: add xgetpwuid 3 years ago
randutils.h lib/randutils: remove unnecessary function 6 years ago
rpmatch.h rpmatch: use symbolic value when evaluation return codes 8 years ago
setproctitle.h lib: cleanup setproctitle.c 11 years ago
sha1.h lib/sha1: use ul_/UL_prefix for symbols 5 years ago
signames.h lib/signames: remove unused function 5 years ago
statfs_magic.h misc: Fix various typos 7 years ago
strutils.h include/strutils: add strdup_between_structs() 3 years ago
strv.h lib/strv: add strv_extendv() 7 years ago
swapheader.h mkswap: remove unnecessary size check 8 years ago
swapprober.h swapon: split swapon-common.c 8 years ago
sysfs.h lib/sysfs: add function to detect partitioned devices 4 years ago
timer.h lib/timer: add fallback if timer_create() not available 4 years ago
timeutils.h build-sys: use parse-date() only for hwclock 3 years ago
ttyutils.h lib/ttyutils: introduce get_terminal_stdfd() 4 years ago
widechar.h include/widechar: add fallback for WEOF 7 years ago
xalloc.h include/xalloc: reindent function bodies to unify indentation 3 years ago