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Karel Zak 18b3e5495b swapon: split swapon-common.c 8 years ago
Documentation docs: update TODO 8 years ago
bash-completion Fix bash-completion Makemodule options 8 years ago
config build-sys: inform gtk-doc about __ul_attribute__ 10 years ago
disk-utils swapon: split swapon-common.c 8 years ago
include swapon: split swapon-common.c 8 years ago
lib swapon: split swapon-common.c 8 years ago
libblkid libblkid: move string trim function to strutils.h 8 years ago
libfdisk libfdisk: add support for sfdisk-like script format 8 years ago
libmount libmount: only include context on linux 8 years ago
libsmartcols libs/debug: accept human readable names for _DEBUG= 8 years ago
libuuid Only move shared libraries to /lib if they exists 8 years ago
login-utils textual: remove some inconsistent periods from error messages 8 years ago
m4 build-sys: improve the informative message when not building some util 8 years ago
misc-utils logger: gettimeofday needs <sys/time.h> 8 years ago
po po: merge changes 8 years ago
schedutils docs: bring the chrt and taskset man pages closer to standard formatting 8 years ago
sys-utils swapon: split swapon-common.c 8 years ago
term-utils build-sys: use -lutil for BSD only 8 years ago
tests libfdisk: fix fdisk_get_optimal_iosize() and update tests 8 years ago
text-utils textual: remove some inconsistent periods from error messages 8 years ago
tools build-sys: add libsmartcols to ko-release-gen script 8 years ago
.gitignore zrmactl: add new command to control /dev/zramN devices 8 years ago travis-ci: refactor and add 8 years ago
.travis.yml travis: whitelist branches 8 years ago
AUTHORS docs: update AUTHORS file 8 years ago
COPYING docs: corrections to FSF license files, and postal address 11 years ago
ChangeLog build-sys: use AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS = gnu 11 years ago build-sys: create parent directory for $(PATHFILES) 8 years ago
NEWS build-sys: release++ (v2.25) 8 years ago
README docs: update links to web repository views 9 years ago
README.licensing COPYING: fix grammar of referring phrase, and indicate location better 9 years ago build-sys: fix autopoint gettext version fun 8 years ago build-sys: build libmount everywhere 8 years ago



util-linux is a random collection of Linux utilities

Note that in years 2006-2010 this project used the name "util-linux-ng".





Web interface:
git clone git:// util-linux


PO files are maintained by:


Standard releases:


major = fatal and deep changes
minor = typical release with new features
maint = maintenance releases; bug fixes only
bugfix = unplanned releases for critical/security bugs

Development releases: