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enum {
struct ul_jsonwrt {
FILE *out;
int indent;
unsigned int after_close :1;
void ul_jsonwrt_init(struct ul_jsonwrt *fmt, FILE *out, int indent);
int ul_jsonwrt_is_ready(struct ul_jsonwrt *fmt);
void ul_jsonwrt_indent(struct ul_jsonwrt *fmt);
void ul_jsonwrt_open(struct ul_jsonwrt *fmt, const char *name, int type);
void ul_jsonwrt_close(struct ul_jsonwrt *fmt, int type);
#define ul_jsonwrt_root_open(_f) ul_jsonwrt_open(_f, NULL, UL_JSON_OBJECT)
#define ul_jsonwrt_root_close(_f) ul_jsonwrt_close(_f, UL_JSON_OBJECT)
#define ul_jsonwrt_array_open(_f, _n) ul_jsonwrt_open(_f, _n, UL_JSON_ARRAY)
#define ul_jsonwrt_array_close(_f) ul_jsonwrt_close(_f, UL_JSON_ARRAY)
#define ul_jsonwrt_object_open(_f, _n) ul_jsonwrt_open(_f, _n, UL_JSON_OBJECT)
#define ul_jsonwrt_object_close(_f) ul_jsonwrt_close(_f, UL_JSON_OBJECT)
#define ul_jsonwrt_value_open(_f, _n) ul_jsonwrt_open(_f, _n, UL_JSON_VALUE)
#define ul_jsonwrt_value_close(_f) ul_jsonwrt_close(_f, UL_JSON_VALUE)
void ul_jsonwrt_value_raw(struct ul_jsonwrt *fmt,
const char *name, const char *data);
void ul_jsonwrt_value_s(struct ul_jsonwrt *fmt,
const char *name, const char *data);
void ul_jsonwrt_value_u64(struct ul_jsonwrt *fmt,
const char *name, uint64_t data);
void ul_jsonwrt_value_boolean(struct ul_jsonwrt *fmt,
const char *name, int data);
void ul_jsonwrt_value_null(struct ul_jsonwrt *fmt,
const char *name);