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Karel Zak ee2d371c61 include/fileeq: add functions to compare files content
Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2021-10-29 13:37:36 +02:00
Karel Zak ee4c324982 hardlink: improve verbose messages
Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2021-10-07 13:11:18 +02:00
Karel Zak 2ae8b75754 more: fix -e in non-interactive mode
Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2021-10-05 10:53:13 +02:00
Karel Zak 08273c672b su: reset also RLIMIT_FSIZE and RLIMIT_NOFILE
Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2021-10-04 15:39:40 +02:00
Jeff Layton c3ea860b9f mount.8.adoc: note that mandatory locking is fully deprecated in Linux 5.15
Cc: Jan Kara <>
Signed-off-by: Jeff Layton <>
2021-10-04 12:17:51 +02:00
Karel Zak 1e01704bbc fstrim: fix typo
Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2021-10-04 11:22:32 +02:00
Karel Zak 67f974d41d fstrim: don't trigger autofs
- ignore read-only entries
- ignore autofs entries (for example from /proc/self/mountinfo)
- ignore autofs mountpoints where automounter has not been triggered yet

Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2021-10-04 11:14:01 +02:00
Karel Zak e549619122 su: reset RLIMIT_{NICE,RTPRIO} to zero
Reported-by: Lennart Poettering <>
Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2021-10-01 14:59:50 +02:00
Karel Zak 3d6a3d6d2a prlimit: improve --help output
Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2021-10-01 14:47:04 +02:00
Ian Jones df6b29d3b8 more: POSIX compliance patch preventing exit on EOF without -e
[ - merge all patches to one commit,
                  - improve prompt for non-tty stdin]

Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2021-09-29 14:50:14 +02:00
Karel Zak 0f246b73e2 fallocate: add verbose messages
Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2021-09-27 15:40:11 +02:00
Eduard Bloch 145d42e91d hardlink: use more passive wording in hardlink.1
And fix "same (basename)".

Signed-off-by: Eduard Bloch <>
2021-09-27 13:50:37 +02:00
Eduard Bloch 722762b617 Let user choose larger buffers for IO reading
Simultaneous reading of multiple files through a small one-page buffer
is slow with classic HDDs. Let the user improve it by chosing buffers of
several mebibytes if needed.

[ - tiny changes to coding style
                  - mark buffers static
                  - use xalloc.h]

Signed-off-by: Eduard Bloch <>
Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2021-09-27 13:47:09 +02:00
Karel Zak 0647bbe519 setterm: (man) improve dosc about optional arguments
Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2021-09-27 12:49:01 +02:00
Karel Zak 433e4b77ba meson: fix typo
Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2021-09-24 15:52:07 +02:00
Karel Zak dff176e2f0 meson: make raw(7) optional
Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2021-09-23 14:09:35 +02:00
Karel Zak 0c19e4ca61 test_mount_optstr: use xstrdup()
Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2021-09-23 13:11:16 +02:00
Karel Zak 8b3d8aad5d lib/env: don't ignore failed malloc
Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2021-09-23 13:08:32 +02:00
Karel Zak 54ef08ed37 mkswap: support -U {clear,random,time,uuid}
Let's follow -U from mkfs.ext4 and make it easy to fully control
UUIDs for the swap area.

Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2021-09-23 11:53:26 +02:00
Karel Zak 10fd91d389 Merge branch 'int/alex/hifive_uuid' of
* 'int/alex/hifive_uuid' of
  include: Rename HiFive partition UUIDs
2021-09-23 11:15:31 +02:00
Karel Zak 5be4d46706 Merge branch 'master' of
* 'master' of
  Man pages: Fix end extend formatting
2021-09-23 11:12:10 +02:00
Karel Zak 79534c0d7e mount: add hint about dmesg(8) to error messages
Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2021-09-23 11:07:55 +02:00
Alexandre Ghiti 6dc3629032 include: Rename HiFive partition UUIDs
Both HiFive Unleashed and HiFive Unmatched bootloaders seek for the same
UUIDs to load the next stage bootloader: the current name makes partitions
on Unmatched board appear as 'Unleashed'.

Fix that by removing the 'Unleashed' part of the current naming so it
fits both.

Signed-off-by: Alexandre Ghiti <>
2021-09-22 06:38:14 +02:00
Mario Blättermann e674323904 Man pages: Fix end extend formatting 2021-09-21 20:48:11 +02:00
Mario Blättermann 256e524f57 mount.8.adoc: fix misformatting
Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2021-09-21 10:48:37 +02:00
Michael Kerrisk dd14f95b9b unshare.1.adoc: Improve wording re creation of bind mounts
Use consistent wording for the options that create
bind mounts, and improve the wording.

Signed-off-by: Michael Kerrisk <>
2021-09-21 10:46:09 +02:00
Michael Kerrisk 841fc3a26c unshare.1.adoc: Improve wording re namespace creation
The terminonoly "unshare the namespace" is not very helpful.
Instead, use wording that explains what these options actually
fo: "create a new namespace".

Signed-off-by: Michael Kerrisk <>
2021-09-21 10:45:54 +02:00
Karel Zak 80ed8688d1 github: add meson build target
Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2021-09-16 13:25:07 +02:00
Karel Zak aa57994f73 Merge branch 'meson-fixes' of
* 'meson-fixes' of
  meson: make asciidoc optional
  meson: fix building libsmartcols
  meson: fix building logger
2021-09-16 13:07:05 +02:00
Karel Zak f45c818004 dmesg: translate ctime strings
Let's make the date-time strings accessible for translators.

Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2021-09-16 12:50:01 +02:00
Karel Zak 02f8593927 logger: fix --prio-prefix doesn't use --priority default
The commit b9ef27f have added priority check, but it introduced
regression as the default priority (as specified by --priority) is

This patch fixes this problem, but it also removes extra check for
"kern facility", it's unnecessary and inconsistent with the rest of

Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2021-09-16 12:20:25 +02:00
Karel Zak 4ba84b0aed logger: dealloc login name
Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2021-09-16 12:15:56 +02:00
Karel Zak 8e455177fe Merge branch 'losetup-direct-dio' of
* 'losetup-direct-dio' of
  losetup: directly set dio instead of afterwards
2021-09-16 11:32:57 +02:00
Karel Zak 5fe1d1e89b Merge branch 'more-shell-execution' of
* 'more-shell-execution' of
  more - Bug Resolve - new line separated command execution
2021-09-16 11:00:33 +02:00
Karel Zak bc75fb4729 Merge branch 'refactor-tests' of
* 'refactor-tests' of
  tests: use subtests
  tests: make use of subtests
2021-09-16 10:51:27 +02:00
ritikrajdev e5e0eac42c
more - Bug Resolve - new line separated command execution 2021-09-14 04:27:14 +05:30
Vojtěch Eichler 635fd4af54 tests: use subtests 2021-09-13 10:59:59 +02:00
Alex Xu (Hello71) d53346ed08 losetup: directly set dio instead of afterwards
This avoids an extra syscall, and allows the kernel to automatically set
block size [0], avoiding unnecessary failure with 4096-byte devices.

This changes the observable behavior of losetup --direct-io in the case
where DIO is not supported to fully fail, instead of creating a
non-direct-io device. If the user explicitly specifies --direct-io, then
they should get either a DIO loopdev or no loopdev, not a non-DIO
loopdev and a misleading error.

Additionally, loopcxt_setup_device now uses O_CLOEXEC in the read-only

[0] 85560117d0
2021-09-09 09:55:03 -04:00
Vojtěch Eichler 99120a8bde tests: make use of subtests 2021-09-08 12:36:19 +02:00
Alex Xu (Hello71) 00b8a51f88 meson: make asciidoc optional
it should be under an option like autoconf, but cba to do that now, and
this is an improvement over the status quo.
2021-09-07 18:58:48 -04:00
Alex Xu (Hello71) 231c2ffb9a meson: fix building libsmartcols 2021-09-07 18:58:32 -04:00
Alex Xu (Hello71) dbb9999fea meson: fix building logger 2021-09-07 18:58:16 -04:00
Karel Zak 78001b7af3 Merge branch 'master' of
* 'master' of
  Fix memory leaks in the chcpu
2021-09-07 12:30:15 +02:00
Karel Zak bcfa32d714 eject: fix typo in docs
Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2021-09-07 12:27:54 +02:00
jiazhenyuan a283ad4ed2 Fix memory leaks in the chcpu 2021-09-06 16:50:27 +08:00
Rafael Fontenelle 0e85613e3a Fix misspellings 2021-09-04 11:11:04 -03:00
Chris Hofstaedtler 597ccb7bf5 tests: Skip lsns/ioctl_ns test if unshare fails
Some parts of the Debian build infrastructure uses unshare to run the
package build, and that appears to cause a "nested" unshare in the
lsns/ioctl_ns test to fail. Unfortunately the tests then hang at this

Try running unshare before the actual test, and skip the test if unshare
already fails.

[ - add --fork to the test
                  - don't write to stdout/err]

Signed-off-by: Chris Hofstaedtler <>
Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2021-08-31 15:18:34 +02:00
Karel Zak 059811d096 su: (bash-completion) offer usernames rather than files
Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2021-08-31 12:51:40 +02:00
Karel Zak 9714331843 column: segmentation fault on invalid unicode input passed to -s option
The function mbs_to_wcs() returns NULL on invalid UTF.

Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2021-08-31 12:31:15 +02:00
Karel Zak 4693a1bba9 Merge branch 'bug/1416' of
* 'bug/1416' of
  Erase line before writing the filename
2021-08-31 12:26:00 +02:00