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Sebastian Rasmussen 9e93004171 misc: Fix various typos
Fix various typos in error messages, warnings, debug strings,
comments and names of static functions.

Signed-off-by: Sebastian Rasmussen <>
2016-05-31 23:40:21 +02:00
Werner Fink fe3f7e17aa sulogin: agetty: use the plymouth local protocol instead the plymouth binary
for stopping plymouthd.  That do not depend on the existence of
the plymouth binary if it e.g. becomes uninstalled or an other
service is providing plymouthd facilities.

[ - fix compiler warnings [-Wpointer-sign]
                  - use sizeof() for write_all()
                  - cast to char* for read_all]

Signed-off-by: Werner Fink <>
Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2016-05-20 11:21:10 +02:00