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Andreas Henriksson 8df545592d build: use --runstatedir instead of --localstatedir
The util-linux code was previously aligned to use @localstatedir@ and
the util-linux build system was set to override the default to use /run.

Current GNU Coding Standards introduced the @runstatedir@ variable
for this purpose. Lets use that instead.

The GNU default for @runstatedir@ is ${localstatedir}/run so util-linux
still override the default to be /run to preserve the status quo from
before. The only difference is that you'll now pass --runstatedir to
override the location on the command line instead of --localstatedir.

(FWIW, Debhelper in compat 11 will automatically start passing
--runstatedir=/run to all autotools configured builds. It already
passes --localstatedir=/var (to avoid it ending up with the GNU default
/usr/local/var) which breaks the util-linux build system code that
tries to default it to /run. This change will thus allow util-linux
and debhelper to work better together and avoid the need for a
package-specific override.)

Relevant historic commits:
 * commit 07a16b9d1e
   "build-sys: change --localstatedir to /run"
 * commit 80c51185d5
   "uuidd: use run configured state directory"
 * commit 01c5b78794
   "agetty: use configured run state directory"

[ - add $runstatedir fallback for autoconf < 2.70
                  - check for unmodified $localstatedir]

CC: Sami Kerola <>
Signed-off-by: Andreas Henriksson <>
Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2017-07-31 15:24:46 +02:00
Andreas Henriksson c9ab738706 whereis: include native multiarch path in lib search paths
This includes atleast the native multiarch path in the paths to search.
(Maybe also other multiarch paths should also be searched? But atleast
this is a first step.)

Before this change (on Debian):
$ whereis libc
libc: /usr/share/man/man7/libc.7.gz

After this change:
$ whereis libc
libc: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.a /usr/share/man/man7/libc.7.gz

Signed-off-by: Andreas Henriksson <>
2017-07-31 13:48:04 +02:00
Sami Kerola 31f85fce55
ldattach: simplify debugging function when vwarnx(3) is available
The vwarnx(3) is probably not available in all libc implementations, in such
cases use the earlier printout as a fallback.

Signed-off-by: Sami Kerola <>
2017-07-15 22:02:53 +01:00
Sami Kerola 8e58889065
reset: remove script from the package
This script requires ncurses to work, and the ncurses provides reset so
there should not be need to keep this script hanging around.

Signed-off-by: Sami Kerola <>
2017-07-15 22:02:53 +01:00
Karel Zak d9921b2a12 wipefs: use libsmartcols
The old output is horrible and useless when more devices specified.
The old format is also too tricky if more signatures detected. The new
output uses one line for each signature, prefixed by device name.

For example my workstation:

	# wipefs /dev/sda* /dev/sdb*
	DEVICE OFFSET       TYPE UUID                                 LABEL
	sda    0x1fe        PMBR
	sda    0x37e4895e00 gpt
	sda    0x200        gpt
	sda1   0x1fe        vfat F2BC-BFEC                            EFI
	sda1   0x0          vfat F2BC-BFEC                            EFI
	sda1   0x36         vfat F2BC-BFEC                            EFI
	sda2   0x438        ext4 c5490147-2a6c-4c8a-aa1b-33492034f927 BOOT
	sda3   0x438        ext4 196972ad-3b13-4bba-ac54-4cb3f7b409a4 HOME
	sda4   0x438        ext4 d834bc84-0089-4be1-9013-cd8bf35d5ffa ROOT
	sda5   0x438        ext4 e8ce5375-29d4-4e2f-a688-d3bae4b8d162 WINE
	sda6   0xff6        swap 210337c6-f8b5-4d65-aab5-a0f343fa9ad4 SWAP
	sdb    0x200        gpt
	sdb    0x1fe        dos
	sdb1   0x438        ext4 6467a684-0d10-4f61-a301-67bb26934d90

This patch add --noheadings, --json and --output.

Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2017-06-29 11:59:38 +02:00
Sami Kerola 83893f2678 uuidparse: add new command
This command will analyze and print information about UUID's.  The command
is based on libuuid/src/uuid_time.c but modified to use libsmartcol.

[ - minor coding style changes]

Signed-off-by: Sami Kerola <>
Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2017-06-26 14:46:35 +02:00
Karel Zak dd9bae58ae build-sys: release++ (v2.30)
Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2017-06-02 12:22:29 +02:00
Karel Zak 3947ca4ca9 build-sys: ncurses headers cleanup
* assume ncursesw headers in ncursesw/ directory only
* prefer long paths, <term.h> and <ncurses.h> should be last
* fix typos

Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2017-05-31 11:01:46 +02:00
Karel Zak 8a931412e3 build-sys: require kernel headers on Linux
Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2017-05-31 09:35:32 +02:00
Karel Zak 3cc8a9f42a build-sys: make ncurses detection more robust
It seems Debina 8 is a little bit incompatible with us:

* ncurses-config is packaged in ncurses-bin where is *no* any
  development files! It means the script returns paths to not installed
  files (IMHO packaging bug)

  Fixed, we need to check for header files too.

* term.h is "everywhere" on Fedora:


  Debian is more strict and uses <ncurses[w]/term.h> only.

  Fixed, we need #ifdef storm to use the correct path

 * libtinfo-dev does not contains any header files

 Fixed, we have to always require installed ncurses devel stuff to compile,
 but we can link with -ltinfo only (cal, ul, more, ...)

 * we don't use termcap for more(1)

Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2017-05-30 17:08:36 +02:00
Karel Zak 47cd0ae081 build-sys: release++ (v2.30-rc2)
Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2017-05-23 12:20:27 +02:00
Karel Zak c604411fdf build-sys: release++ (v2.30-rc1)
Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2017-05-12 13:33:41 +02:00
Karel Zak f69eba1734 build-sys: add AC_STRUCT_TIMEZONE
new datetime parsing code assumes macros:

	lib/parse-date.c : HAVE_STRUCT_TM_TM_ZONE
	lib/parse-date.c : HAVE_TZNAME

Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2017-05-12 11:16:56 +02:00
Karel Zak 8b7f00a8bb build-sys: fix lsmem dependence
Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2017-05-03 12:00:20 +02:00
Karel Zak 38d691921c column: split old and new code
Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2017-05-02 12:17:59 +02:00
Sami Kerola 70ca1a7772
tailf: remove deprecated utility
March 2017 is gone, it is time to remove this utility as scheduled in
earlier commit, and promised in manual page.

Reference: 3f8478a71c
Signed-off-by: Sami Kerola <>
2017-04-02 16:51:00 +01:00
Karel Zak 3e37d7b773 fincore: use libsmartcols
Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2017-03-23 14:09:20 +01:00
Masatake YAMATO a921a7dea9 fincore: new command for counting pages of file contents in core
Signed-off-by: Masatake YAMATO <>
Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2017-03-23 12:46:09 +01:00
Karel Zak 30d7f61f4f build-sys: add parse-date.y
* add lib/parse-date.y to build system
* add necessary autotools stuff to generate .c on the fly
  (autotools are smart enough to add generated file to tarball)
* check for bison version by ./
* add non-wanted junk to .gitignore

With some modification by J William Piggott with regard to
moving the parse-date API into timeutils.h

Signed-off-by: J William Piggott <>
2017-03-04 11:01:56 -05:00
Karel Zak 22fae330d9 blkreport, blkreset: remove in favour of blkzone
Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2017-02-23 17:03:26 +01:00
Karel Zak 1ad8ef9187 blkzone: add new command (merge blkreport and blkreset)
This new command is based on the original implementation of blkreport
and blkreset command.

Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2017-02-23 16:43:51 +01:00
Karel Zak fc72f51e1f build-sys: simplify UL_ENABLE_ALIAS() semantic
Let's follow only $enable_ variables. In this case the MASTERNAME
(e.g. [schedutils] for --enable-schedutils) has to be without

Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2017-02-21 11:00:19 +01:00
Karel Zak 6f2eb03433 build-sys: fix --disable-all-programs --enable-schedutils
* add UL_ENABLE_ALIAS(NAME, MASTERNAME) to initialize $enable_<name>
  according to MASTERNAME. Note that we have to use $build_<mastername>,
  the $enable_<mastername> is just AC_ARG_ENABLE() stuff only. The
  $build_ is evaluated and modified by our UL_...() functions.

* add enable-schedutils.conf to have build-system regression test for
  this use-case

Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2017-02-20 14:17:37 +01:00
Shaun Tancheff 70bb534511 blkzonecmd, blkreport: Add new commands for ZAC/ZBC drives
This patch adds:
 - blkreset to issue Reset (Write Pointer) zone commands
 - blkreport to retrieve drive zone information

[ - cleanup man page and usage()
                  - remove command line options aliases,
                  - use strtosize_or_err()
                  - remove unnecessary -ludev
                  - use blkdev.h stuff]

Signed-off-by: Shaun Tancheff <>
Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2017-02-09 13:19:44 +01:00
Karel Zak 1dc2aaadba Merge branch 'hwclock-jwp-reviewed' of git://
* 'hwclock-jwp-reviewed' of git:// (25 commits)
  hwclock: remove --compare option
  hwclock: remove trailing dot from messages that include system error message
  hwclock: make --date=argument less prone to injection
  hwclock: fix rtc atexit registration
  hwclock: clarify cmos inb and outb preprocessor directives
  hwclock: try RTCGET and RTCSET only when normal rtc fails
  hwclock: stream line synchronize_to_clock_tick_rtc()
  hwclock: improve coding style
  hwclock: remove division by zero [asan]
  hwclock: add debugging to open_rtc()
  hwclock: remove magic constants from interpret_date_string()
  hwclock: use symbolic magic values passed in between functions
  hwclock: initialize struct adjtime members
  hwclock: alloate date_resp parsing buffer in interpret_date_string()
  hwclock: simplify save_adjtime() execution flow
  hwclock: remove dead code and other minor fixes
  hwclock: move error messages to determine_clock_access_method()
  hwclock: clarify set_cmos_epoch() code
  hwclock: move command-line options to control structure
  hwclock: remove unnecessary type casts
2017-02-09 11:35:50 +01:00
Carlos Santos 4953018e23 build-sys: improve detection of the "isnan" function in uClibc
Since commit beceb14b45, MATH_LIBS is set
to "-lm" when the isnan function is detected. In uClibc, however, isnan
is a macro that calls __isnan, __isnanf, or __isnanl, depending on the
size of the argument (double, float or long double).


Signed-off-by: Carlos Santos <>
2017-02-09 11:31:49 +01:00
Sami Kerola b72a75e993
lib: add timegm() portability function to lib/timeutils.c
Local timegm() is a replacement function in cases it is missing from libc
implementation.  Hopefully the replacement is never, or very rarely, used.

CC: Ruediger Meier <>
Reviewed-by: J William Piggott <>
Signed-off-by: Sami Kerola <>
2017-02-03 22:31:18 +00:00
Denis Chaplygin 833f9a7aae fallocate: Added posix_fallocate() support.
No all filesystems support Linux fallocate. The new option allow use
posix implementation if necessary.

Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2017-01-31 12:51:28 +01:00
Karel Zak feda4342df build-sys: use -lm for scriptreplay if necessary
Reported-by: Bert van Hall <>
Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2017-01-18 13:17:21 +01:00
Sami Kerola 875834381d newgrp: use libc explicit_bzero() when it is available
This currently new function will be part of glibc 2.25.

Signed-off-by: Sami Kerola <>
2017-01-16 12:30:09 +01:00
Karel Zak 963f7dfb82 Merge branch 'getrandom' of git://
* 'getrandom' of git://
  lib/randutils: use getrandom(2) when it is available
2016-12-22 15:27:25 +01:00
Sami Kerola cc01c2dca4
lib/randutils: use getrandom(2) when it is available
System call getrandom(2) is relatively new, available since kernel 3.17 but
not supported by glibc 2.24.  That in mind autotools is made to check
availability of this function and keep old code as fallback.  It is
reasonable assume it will take years before the syscall(2) and fallback are
unproblematic to remove.

One might ask why bother using getrandom(2).  Main reason is to avoid
unnecessary system calls to achieve exactly same end result.  That
demonstrated with 'strace -c ./mcookie' showing 36 calls before, and 32
after this change.  Secondly the getrandom(2) function got to kernel with
promise it can be used to avoid file descriptor run down, and since uuidd
uses random_get_bytes() it should fulfill it's promise here.

Reviewed-by: Karel Zak <>
Signed-off-by: Sami Kerola <>
2016-12-11 11:46:54 +00:00
Karel Zak 0a14cc8bcc libmount: revert X-* and x-* meaning
Let's hope this is last change necessary to cleanup x-* usage:

  x-*  persistent option, stored in utab, available for umount, etc.
  X-*  fstab comment only

mount(8) supports x-mount.mkdir= as well as newly recommended X-mount.mkdir=


 * less invasive
 * does not require exception for x-systemd
 * does not require rename x-initrd to X-initrd

The systemd and dracut users will get the new (=fixed) functionality without a
change in fstab configuration. This is the primary goal.


 * not 100% compatible libmount behavior, x-* options have not been
   previously stored in utab. The API is the same, options will be still
   available, but on x-* libmount will write to /run/mount/utab. For now
   it seems only systemd uses x-*, and they like this behavior, so...

Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2016-12-09 15:36:14 +01:00
Karel Zak 5c493bd92f libmount: use x-systemd options as X-*
The previous patch introduces X-* options namespace for options
that have to be maintained in user space.

Unfortunately, systemd users already use mount options that are
necessary by umount or another operations. The conclusion from
discussion with systemd guys is to store all the systemd options
in userspace.

It seems better to add one line exception to libmount than force all
fstab users to rename x-systemd to X-systemd.

Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2016-12-08 15:27:24 +01:00
Ruediger Meier 809869ca8c build-sys: disable tailf by default
It's deprecated since 3f8478a7, so we shouldn't build it by default.

Signed-off-by: Ruediger Meier <>
2016-12-07 12:35:24 +01:00
Ruediger Meier 77835be273 agetty: re-add utmp.h for Debian GNU/kFreeBSD
It's needed there to get login_tty(). On normal FreeBSD we would
need libutil.h.

Signed-off-by: Ruediger Meier <>
2016-12-07 12:35:24 +01:00
Ruediger Meier 227ebea75c build-sys: check for POSIX utmpx usage
We simply check for utmpxname and updwtmpx functions to disable
all programs which are not POSIX utmpx compatible, even though
last(1) and utmpdump(1) does not use them, see below.

utmpx.h is used in:
  login agetty write lslogins last runuser su utmpdump wall

Non-Posix utmpx usage:
   utmpxname        -> login agetty write lslogins
   updwtmpx         -> login agetty                     runuser su
   _PATH_.TMP       -> login agetty write lslogins last runuser su
   utmpx.ut_addr_v6 -> login                       last            utmpdump

POSIX utmpx usage:

Signed-off-by: Ruediger Meier <>
2016-12-07 12:35:24 +01:00
Ruediger Meier b4b919fe5e login-utils: switch to utmpx.h
Now the build will fail on many non-Linux systems because
utmpx.h is available everywhere but we still use non-POSIX
features. We'll fix this next commit.

Signed-off-by: Ruediger Meier <>
2016-12-07 12:35:24 +01:00
Ruediger Meier 81580f79fa agetty: remove obsolete HAVE_UPDWTMP fallback
Signed-off-by: Ruediger Meier <>
2016-12-07 12:35:24 +01:00
Ruediger Meier 6578ced75c login: re-add lastlog.h header
This include was removed in a365953a but we will need it again
when we move from utmp.h to utmpx.h.

On Linux (glibc, musl) the struct lastlog is defined in utmp.h
and lastlog.h just includes utmp.h.

Signed-off-by: Ruediger Meier <>


Signed-off-by: Ruediger Meier <>
2016-12-07 12:35:24 +01:00
Ruediger Meier a341a5e2e4 build-sys: cosmetics, avoid useless m4 quotes
Signed-off-by: Ruediger Meier <>
2016-11-29 12:42:11 +01:00
Ruediger Meier 0f0972ac6b build-sys: cosmetics PACKAGE_VERSION_MINOR
This should changes nothing.

Signed-off-by: Ruediger Meier <>
2016-11-29 10:47:11 +01:00
Ruediger Meier b5511797f2 build-sys: update package release number during development
Now we use
   v2.29-5-g8ffab30  -> 2.29.5-8ffa   (libblkid 2.29.5)
instead of
   v2.29-5-g8ffab30  -> 2.29.5-8ffa   (libblkid 2.29.0)

otherwise the bugfix releases (2.29.1) would look newer that latest HEAD.

Signed-off-by: Ruediger Meier <>
2016-11-29 10:47:11 +01:00
Ruediger Meier c42a6d4d34 build-sys: fix empty package release number
Was broken for major releases since b0e6b25e:
  $ blkid -V
  blkid from util-linux 2.28  (libblkid 2.28., 12-Apr-2016)

Now we also set 0 in this case, like:
  $ blkid -V
  blkid from util-linux 2.30  (libblkid 2.30.0, 12-Apr-2016)

Signed-off-by: Ruediger Meier <>
2016-11-29 10:47:11 +01:00
Karel Zak bdfe4601c3 build-sys: mark lsmem and chmem as Linux only
Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2016-11-09 10:02:32 +01:00
Heiko Carstens 30e1ea8ba1 chmem: new tool
Move the s390 specific chmem tool to util-linux.

The chmem tool was originally written in perl and is part of the
s390-tools package which can be found here:

Given that the tool is architecture independent, there is no reason to
keep it in an s390 specific repository. It seems to be useful for
other architectures as well.

This patch converts the tool to C and adds it to util-linux, while the
command line options stay compatible. The only exception is the option
"-v" which used to be the short form of "--version". That got changed
to "-V" so it behaves like most other tools contained within

The chmem tool can be used to set memory online or offline. This can
be achieved by specifying a memory range:

Memory Block 19 (0x0000000130000000-0x000000013fffffff) disabled

or by specifying a size where chmem will automatically select memory

Memory Block 21 (0x0000000150000000-0x000000015fffffff) disable failed
Memory Block 18 (0x0000000120000000-0x000000012fffffff) disabled
Memory Block 17 (0x0000000110000000-0x000000011fffffff) disabled
Memory Block 16 (0x0000000100000000-0x000000010fffffff) disabled
Memory Block 15 (0x00000000f0000000-0x00000000ffffffff) disabled

or by specifying memory block numbers instead of address ranges:

Memory Block 15 (0x00000000f0000000-0x00000000ffffffff) disabled
Memory Block 16 (0x0000000100000000-0x000000010fffffff) disabled
Memory Block 17 (0x0000000110000000-0x000000011fffffff) disabled
Memory Block 18 (0x0000000120000000-0x000000012fffffff) disabled

This is based on a patch from Clemens von Mann.

Signed-off-by: Heiko Carstens <>
2016-11-09 10:02:32 +01:00
Heiko Carstens cad2d1ac92 lsmem: new tool
Move the s390 specific lsmem tool to util-linux.

The lsmem tool was originally written in perl and is part of the
s390-tools package which can be found here:

Given that the tool is architecture independent, there is no reason to
keep it in an s390 specific repository. It seems to be useful for
other architectures as well.

This patch converts the tool to C and adds it to util-linux, while the
command line options stay compatible. The only exception is the option
"-v" which used to be the short form of "--version". That got changed
to "-V" so it behaves like most other tools contained within

The lsmem tool inspect the contents of /sys/devices/system/memory and
prints a summary output similar to what lscpu does:

RANGE                                 SIZE STATE   REMOVABLE BLOCK
0x0000000000000000-0x000000005fffffff 1,5G online  yes       0-5
0x0000000060000000-0x000000007fffffff 512M online  no        6-7
0x0000000080000000-0x000000013fffffff   3G online  yes       8-19
0x0000000140000000-0x000000014fffffff 256M offline -         20
0x0000000150000000-0x000000017fffffff 768M online  no        21-23

Memory block size   :     256M
Total online memory :     5,8G
Total offline memory:     256M

In order to keep the output small the tool merges subsequent address
ranges where the attributes are identical. To avoid merging of line
the "-a" option can be used.

The lsmem tool also has "--extendend" and "--parsable" option which
can be used to customize the output, e.g.  limit the output to
specified columns. This is quite similar to what the lscpu tool does.

This is based on a patch from Clemens von Mann.

Signed-off-by: Heiko Carstens <>
2016-11-09 10:02:32 +01:00
Karel Zak 5bd2b14de4 build-sys: release++ (v2.29)
Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2016-11-08 11:35:40 +01:00
Ruediger Meier 4b439e2d00 build-sys: fix missing ncursesw message
Signed-off-by: Ruediger Meier <>
2016-10-20 18:32:21 +02:00
Karel Zak e5cc93b5a8 build-sys: use ncurses-config rather than pkg-config
It's painful, but ncurses upstream does not distribute .pc files by
default and it seems that ncurses{6,5}-config is the preferred solution.

For better compatibility lets use ncurses-config.

Reported-by: Ruediger Meier <>
Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
2016-10-20 16:52:31 +02:00