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Karel Zak 726ffb4a26 login: move generic setting to ttyutils.h 2 years ago
Sami Loone ee978576b1 agetty: tty eol defaults to REPRINT 2 years ago
Karel Zak a6d9d23b5f lib/ttyutils: introduce get_terminal_stdfd() 3 years ago
Sevan Janiyan 671295131e include/ttyutils: define values if missing. 4 years ago
Karel Zak 4d9b788d64 script: add more info to script header 4 years ago
Karel Zak f46a8d7e66 lib/ttyutils: return terminal lines too 5 years ago
Sami Kerola 285c1f3a3e
lib: try to find tty in get_terminal_name() 6 years ago
Boris Egorov 43b4f7ea5f lib/tty: Pass default width to get_terminal_width() 7 years ago
Christoph Egger c32270d41f agetty: fixing FTBFS on !linux (Debian util-linux 2.20.1-1.2) 8 years ago
Michael Forney 00c505d9cf include: Add missing includes 9 years ago
Karel Zak b8b8e76806 agetty: don't remove ECHOCTL from c_lflag 9 years ago
Karel Zak 507341f832 lib/tty: don't hardcode terminal fd in get_terminal_name() 10 years ago
Werner Fink f5664477cb include/ttyutils: add default chardata 10 years ago
Karel Zak 0f23ee0c85 include: cleanup copyright headers 10 years ago
Karel Zak a73f59fa03 sulogin: remove consoles.c from libcommon 10 years ago
Karel Zak 1ef28920f8 lib/ttyutils: add get_terminal_name() 10 years ago
Karel Zak 4e76adb0e1 lib/ttyutils: create .c file 10 years ago
Karel Zak 7e9a9af14f include/ttyutils: more robust get_terminal_width() 11 years ago
Petr Uzel e872e32064 include: move get_terminal_width() to ttyutils.h 11 years ago
Dave Reisner 0b6198ec07 include/ttyutils.h: add include guards 11 years ago
Karel Zak 879a7ab470 agetty: move vc initialization to ttyutils.h 11 years ago