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Sami Kerola c181617cfb mkswap: remove unnecessary size check 8 years ago
Sami Kerola 24f83f7392 swapon, swapheader, mkswap: move swap signature to header 9 years ago
Sami Kerola d38b55375f include/swapheader.h: ensure type sizes 9 years ago
Sami Kerola 506b499991 mkswap: remove legacy swap structure 9 years ago
Sami Kerola 8a101b1447 mkswap, swaplabel: move version number to header 9 years ago
Jason Borden 4dddc2d4aa swaplabel: new command 13 years ago
Matthias Koenig d60819b36d include: move swapheader.h to include 14 years ago
Karel Zak 756bfd018e Imported from util-linux-2.12o tarball. 16 years ago