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Pali Rohár 4c95e17903 libfdisk: (gpt) Add UUID for Marvell Armada 3700 Boot partition 5 months ago
Hugo Osvaldo Barrera ea787ee1ff Add UUID for the partition types on Apple Silicon 6 months ago
Karel Zak 4a4f2124df libfdisk: (gpt) cleanup verity GUID names 7 months ago
Siu Ching Pong -Asuka Kenji- 064604a317 libfdisk: incorrect GUID for NetBSD 8 months ago
Georgy Yakovlev 4d3be965e3
libfdisk: add new verity root and /usr part types 9 months ago
Georgy Yakovlev ab0f7ff90c
libfdisk: add new root and /usr part types 9 months ago
Alexandre Ghiti 6dc3629032 include: Rename HiFive partition UUIDs 1 year ago
Hill Ma 28d6722d93 Add partition type GUID for Haiku. 1 year ago
WANG Xuerui 2d29fccaad libfdisk: add new Linux GPT partition types 1 year ago
nl6720 5362bfa3ea
libfdisk: add "Linux /usr" and "Linux /usr verity" GPT partition types 2 years ago
nl6720 80a54e2b3e
libfdisk: add systemd-homed user's home GPT partition type 2 years ago
nl6720 bc46ec1947 libfdisk: add Linux /var, /var/tmp and root verity GPT partition types 3 years ago
Karel Zak d0c4300682 libfdisk: (MBR) use 0xEA partition type by BootLoaderSpecification 3 years ago
Karel Zak 96c2b09fcb libfdisk: move GPT partition types to include/ 3 years ago