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Karel Zak e113093ce9 lib/env: add function to save and restore unwanted variables 2 years ago
Sami Kerola ed292a08dd
include: add remove_entry() to env.h 3 years ago
Karel Zak 05d8868d86 include/env: minor fixes and clean ups 6 years ago
Sami Kerola 984a60965a
misc: always check setenv(3) return value 6 years ago
Sami Kerola e0b6ab5687 include/env: unify indentation 10 years ago
Karel Zak 90af3fe39b inclide/env: innclude c.h, remove _() macro from xsetenv() 10 years ago
Ludwig Nussel e557efdedd su: introduce xsetenv globally 10 years ago
Karel Zak 035507c84b lib: [env] consolidate safe_getenv() usage 12 years ago
Karel Zak 48d7b13a1e Imported from util-linux-2.13-pre1 tarball. 16 years ago
Karel Zak 7eda085c41 Imported from util-linux-2.9v tarball. 16 years ago