hwclock: do not create a zero adjfile

When hwclock --hctosys is started very early during the system startup,
with / still mounted read-only, and there was no /etc/adjtime file,
hwclock fails creating a default adjfile full of zeroes, and prints an
error message. I believe that such zero adjfile is not necessary,
because it means exactly the same as no adjfile at all.

The attached patch prevents creation of a zero adjfile, of course unless
something gets changed (this never happens during a --hctosys).

Signed-off-by: Alain Guibert <alguibert+ulng@free.fr>
Alain Guibert 15 years ago committed by Karel Zak
parent 2368077223
commit 8f5b978e53
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@ -257,6 +257,7 @@ read_adjtime(struct adjtime *adjtime_p) {
adjtime_p->not_adjusted = 0;
adjtime_p->last_calib_time = 0;
adjtime_p->local_utc = UNKNOWN;
adjtime_p->dirty = FALSE; /* don't create a zero adjfile */
return 0;