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Replace build_list (in lib/gshadow.c) and list (in lib/sgetgrent.c) by
Fix Tobias name.
Prog should be a global variable to be usable from libmisc.
Revert the modified files if all files could not be changed.
* or warn and indicate which files were modified and which were not.
* check the order the files are modified.
report nscd_flush_cache failures?
call nscd from the programs of from lib (commonio?)
PAM: add support for customization of the PAM support (i.e. support the
Debian PAM configuration)
PAM: check if a non-interactive conversation function could be used to
- review all tools to check that the strategies are consistent
chage, chfn, chsh: same change needed as in passwd.
- probably need moving check_selinux_access to a separate file.
man useradd
document default behavior for GROUP
remove "The default group number is 1 or whatever is..."
useradd manpage
- add -k option
- mention that -o require -u
- newgrp
- test with unknown user's GID
- add logging to SYSLOG & AUDIT
- accept numerical user and range of users
Document when/where option appeared, document whether an option is standard
or not.
depends rules for the manpages
Check all the expiry semantics
Add options --crypt-method and --sha-rounds to gpasswd
- move base passwd/shadow/group/gshadow operation to module for allow write
different backend modules for db, NIS, LDAP and others. Default backend it
will be goot if will be chosen depending on /etc/nsswitch.conf and allow
override this by -r <repository> options (where the <repository> can be
file, db, nis nisplus, ldap .. like on /etc/nsswitch.conf in service column).
passwd have old piece of code with handling -r option and it will be good
finish this and propagate on other shadow tools for allow operate on other
user databases by well known tools.
- useradd:
- add handle create user mail spool in maildir format.
- add handle -n switch in groups and id command for allow query is
group/user with specified id/gid exist - this will be very usable
on automation in packages for query/check is group/user exist in system
or not,
- groupmems:
- need some work on add PAM and i18n support.
- userdel:
- add backup option for the removal of user resources,
- add lookop and remove per user group.
- user_busy: check that the user is not running any processes.
- passwd:
- check combination of options (e.g. -u/-l)
- newgrp: check the USE_PAM section.
- newusers: doc for pw_gid not clear. Differentiate
pw_gid specified and exist
pw_gid specified but does not exist
* name
* number
pw_gid not specified.
- newusers: document what happens when no uid is specified.