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#include "git-compat-util.h"
#include "object-store.h"
#include "oidset.h"
* This method is only used to enhance coverage of the commit-graph
* feature in the test suite with the GIT_TEST_COMMIT_GRAPH and
* GIT_TEST_COMMIT_GRAPH_CHANGED_PATHS environment variables. Do not
* call this method oustide of a builtin, and only if you know what
* you are doing!
void git_test_write_commit_graph_or_die(void);
struct commit;
struct bloom_filter_settings;
struct repository;
struct raw_object_store;
struct string_list;
char *get_commit_graph_filename(struct object_directory *odb);
int open_commit_graph(const char *graph_file, int *fd, struct stat *st);
* Given a commit struct, try to fill the commit struct info, including:
* 1. tree object
* 2. date
* 3. parents.
* Returns 1 if and only if the commit was found in the packed graph.
* See parse_commit_buffer() for the fallback after this call.
int parse_commit_in_graph(struct repository *r, struct commit *item);
* It is possible that we loaded commit contents from the commit buffer,
* but we also want to ensure the commit-graph content is correctly
* checked and filled. Fill the graph_pos and generation members of
* the given commit.
void load_commit_graph_info(struct repository *r, struct commit *item);
struct tree *get_commit_tree_in_graph(struct repository *r,
const struct commit *c);
struct commit_graph {
const unsigned char *data;
size_t data_len;
unsigned char hash_len;
unsigned char num_chunks;
uint32_t num_commits;
struct object_id oid;
char *filename;
struct object_directory *odb;
uint32_t num_commits_in_base;
struct commit_graph *base_graph;
const uint32_t *chunk_oid_fanout;
const unsigned char *chunk_oid_lookup;
const unsigned char *chunk_commit_data;
const unsigned char *chunk_extra_edges;
const unsigned char *chunk_base_graphs;
const unsigned char *chunk_bloom_indexes;
const unsigned char *chunk_bloom_data;
struct bloom_filter_settings *bloom_filter_settings;
struct commit_graph *load_commit_graph_one_fd_st(int fd, struct stat *st,
struct object_directory *odb);
struct commit_graph *read_commit_graph_one(struct repository *r,
struct object_directory *odb);
struct commit_graph *parse_commit_graph(void *graph_map, size_t graph_size);
* Return 1 if and only if the repository has a commit-graph
* file and generation numbers are computed in that file.
int generation_numbers_enabled(struct repository *r);
enum commit_graph_write_flags {
enum commit_graph_split_flags {
struct split_commit_graph_opts {
int size_multiple;
int max_commits;
timestamp_t expire_time;
enum commit_graph_split_flags flags;
* The write_commit_graph* methods return zero on success
* and a negative value on failure. Note that if the repository
* is not compatible with the commit-graph feature, then the
* methods will return 0 without writing a commit-graph.
int write_commit_graph_reachable(struct object_directory *odb,
enum commit_graph_write_flags flags,
const struct split_commit_graph_opts *split_opts);
int write_commit_graph(struct object_directory *odb,
struct string_list *pack_indexes,
struct oidset *commits,
enum commit_graph_write_flags flags,
const struct split_commit_graph_opts *split_opts);
int verify_commit_graph(struct repository *r, struct commit_graph *g, int flags);
void close_commit_graph(struct raw_object_store *);
void free_commit_graph(struct commit_graph *);
* Disable further use of the commit graph in this process when parsing a
* "struct commit".
void disable_commit_graph(struct repository *r);
struct commit_graph_data {
uint32_t graph_pos;
uint32_t generation;
* Commits should be parsed before accessing generation, graph positions.
uint32_t commit_graph_generation(const struct commit *);
uint32_t commit_graph_position(const struct commit *);