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#include "cache.h"
#include "config.h"
#include "repository.h"
#include "fsmonitor-settings.h"
#include "fsmonitor.h"
#include <sys/param.h>
#include <sys/mount.h>
* [1] Remote working directories are problematic for FSMonitor.
* The underlying file system on the server machine and/or the remote
* mount type (NFS, SAMBA, etc.) dictates whether notification events
* are available at all to remote client machines.
* Kernel differences between the server and client machines also
* dictate the how (buffering, frequency, de-dup) the events are
* delivered to client machine processes.
* A client machine (such as a laptop) may choose to suspend/resume
* and it is unclear (without lots of testing) whether the watcher can
* resync after a resume. We might be able to treat this as a normal
* "events were dropped by the kernel" event and do our normal "flush
* and resync" --or-- we might need to close the existing (zombie?)
* notification fd and create a new one.
* In theory, the above issues need to be addressed whether we are
* using the Hook or IPC API.
* For the builtin FSMonitor, we create the Unix domain socket for the
* IPC in the .git directory. If the working directory is remote,
* then the socket will be created on the remote file system. This
* can fail if the remote file system does not support UDS file types
* (e.g. smbfs to a Windows server) or if the remote kernel does not
* allow a non-local process to bind() the socket. (These problems
* could be fixed by moving the UDS out of the .git directory and to a
* well-known local directory on the client machine, but care should
* be taken to ensure that $HOME is actually local and not a managed
* file share.)
* So (for now at least), mark remote working directories as
* incompatible.
* [2] FAT32 and NTFS working directories are problematic too.
* The builtin FSMonitor uses a Unix domain socket in the .git
* directory for IPC. These Windows drive formats do not support
* Unix domain sockets, so mark them as incompatible for the daemon.
static enum fsmonitor_reason check_volume(struct repository *r)
struct statfs fs;
if (statfs(r->worktree, &fs) == -1) {
int saved_errno = errno;
trace_printf_key(&trace_fsmonitor, "statfs('%s') failed: %s",
r->worktree, strerror(saved_errno));
errno = saved_errno;
"statfs('%s') [type 0x%08x][flags 0x%08x] '%s'",
r->worktree, fs.f_type, fs.f_flags, fs.f_fstypename);
if (!(fs.f_flags & MNT_LOCAL))
if (!strcmp(fs.f_fstypename, "msdos")) /* aka FAT32 */
if (!strcmp(fs.f_fstypename, "ntfs"))
enum fsmonitor_reason fsm_os__incompatible(struct repository *r)
enum fsmonitor_reason reason;
reason = check_volume(r);
if (reason != FSMONITOR_REASON_OK)
return reason;