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Git v2.36.2 Release Notes
This maintenance release is primarily to merge down updates to the
build and CI procedures from the 'master' front, in order to ensure
that we can cut healthy maintenance releases in the future. It also
contains a handful of small and trivially-correct bugfixes.
Fixes since v2.36.1
* Fixes real problems noticed by gcc 12 and works around false
* Update URL to the gitk repository.
* The "--current" option of "git show-branch" should have been made
incompatible with the "--reflog" mode, but this was not enforced,
which has been corrected.
* "git archive --add-file=<path>" picked up the raw permission bits
from the path and propagated to zip output in some cases, without
normalization, which has been corrected (tar output did not have
this issue).
* A bit of test framework fixes with a few fixes to issues found by
* macOS CI jobs have been occasionally flaky due to tentative version
skew between perforce and the homebrew packager. Instead of
failing the whole CI job, just let it skip the p4 tests when this
* The commit summary shown after making a commit is matched to what
is given in "git status" not to use the break-rewrite heuristics.
* Avoid problems from interaction between malloc_check and address
* "git rebase --keep-base <upstream> <branch-to-rebase>" computed the
commit to rebase onto incorrectly, which has been corrected.
* The path taken by "git multi-pack-index" command from the end user
was compared with path internally prepared by the tool withut first
normalizing, which lead to duplicated paths not being noticed,
which has been corrected.
* "git clone --origin X" leaked piece of memory that held value read
from the clone.defaultRemoteName configuration variable, which has
been plugged.