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#ifndef RERERE_H
#define RERERE_H
#include "string-list.h"
struct pathspec;
struct repository;
* Marks paths that have been hand-resolved and added to the
* index. Set in the util field of such paths after calling
* rerere_remaining.
extern void *RERERE_RESOLVED;
struct rerere_dir;
struct rerere_id {
struct rerere_dir *collection;
int variant;
int setup_rerere(struct repository *,struct string_list *, int);
#define rerere(flags) repo_rerere(the_repository, flags)
int repo_rerere(struct repository *, int);
* Given the conflict ID and the name of a "file" used for replaying
* the recorded resolution (e.g. "preimage", "postimage"), return the
* path to that filesystem entity. With "file" specified with NULL,
* return the path to the directory that houses these files.
const char *rerere_path(const struct rerere_id *, const char *file);
int rerere_forget(struct repository *, struct pathspec *);
int rerere_remaining(struct repository *, struct string_list *);
void rerere_clear(struct repository *, struct string_list *);
void rerere_gc(struct repository *, struct string_list *);
#define OPT_RERERE_AUTOUPDATE(v) OPT_UYN(0, "rerere-autoupdate", (v), \
N_("update the index with reused conflict resolution if possible"))