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#ifndef FSM_HEALTH_H
#define FSM_HEALTH_H
/* This needs to be implemented by each backend */
struct fsmonitor_daemon_state;
* Initialize platform-specific data for the fsmonitor health thread.
* This will be called from the main thread PRIOR to staring the
* thread.
* Returns 0 if successful.
* Returns -1 otherwise.
int fsm_health__ctor(struct fsmonitor_daemon_state *state);
* Cleanup platform-specific data for the health thread.
* This will be called from the main thread AFTER joining the thread.
void fsm_health__dtor(struct fsmonitor_daemon_state *state);
* The main body of the platform-specific event loop to monitor the
* health of the daemon process. This will run in the health thread.
* The health thread should call `ipc_server_stop_async()` if it needs
* to cause a shutdown. (It should NOT do so if it receives a shutdown
* shutdown signal.)
* It should set `state->health_error_code` to -1 if the daemon should exit
* with an error.
void fsm_health__loop(struct fsmonitor_daemon_state *state);
* Gently request that the health thread shutdown.
* It does not wait for it to stop. The caller should do a JOIN
* to wait for it.
void fsm_health__stop_async(struct fsmonitor_daemon_state *state);
#endif /* FSM_HEALTH_H */