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#ifndef URL_MATCH_H
#define URL_MATCH_H
#include "string-list.h"
struct url_info {
/* normalized url on success, must be freed, otherwise NULL */
char *url;
/* if !url, a brief reason for the failure, otherwise NULL */
const char *err;
/* the rest of the fields are only set if url != NULL */
size_t url_len; /* total length of url (which is now normalized) */
size_t scheme_len; /* length of scheme name (excluding final :) */
size_t user_off; /* offset into url to start of user name (0 => none) */
size_t user_len; /* length of user name; if user_off != 0 but
user_len == 0, an empty user name was given */
size_t passwd_off; /* offset into url to start of passwd (0 => none) */
size_t passwd_len; /* length of passwd; if passwd_off != 0 but
passwd_len == 0, an empty passwd was given */
size_t host_off; /* offset into url to start of host name (0 => none) */
size_t host_len; /* length of host name;
* file urls may have host_len == 0 */
size_t port_off; /* offset into url to start of port number (0 => none) */
size_t port_len; /* if a portnum is present (port_off != 0), it has
* this length (excluding the leading ':') starting
* from port_off (always 0 for file urls) */
size_t path_off; /* offset into url to the start of the url path;
* this will always point to a '/' character
* after the url has been normalized */
size_t path_len; /* length of path portion excluding any trailing
* '?...' and '#...' portion; will always be >= 1 */
char *url_normalize(const char *, struct url_info *);
struct urlmatch_item {
size_t hostmatch_len;
size_t pathmatch_len;
char user_matched;
struct urlmatch_config {
struct string_list vars;
struct url_info url;
const char *section;
const char *key;
void *cb;
int (*collect_fn)(const char *var, const char *value, void *cb);
int (*cascade_fn)(const char *var, const char *value, void *cb);
* Compare the two matches, the one just discovered and the existing
* best match and return a negative value if the found item is to be
* rejected or a non-negative value if it is to be accepted. If this
* field is set to NULL, use the default comparison technique, which
* checks to ses if found is better (according to the urlmatch
* specificity rules) than existing.
int (*select_fn)(const struct urlmatch_item *found, const struct urlmatch_item *existing);
* An optional callback to allow e.g. for partial URLs; it shall
* return 1 or 0 depending whether `url` matches or not.
int (*fallback_match_fn)(const char *url, void *cb);
int urlmatch_config_entry(const char *var, const char *value, void *cb);
#endif /* URL_MATCH_H */