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#ifndef PROTOCOL_H
#define PROTOCOL_H
enum protocol_version {
protocol_unknown_version = -1,
protocol_v0 = 0,
protocol_v1 = 1,
protocol_v2 = 2,
* Used by a client to determine which protocol version to request be used when
* communicating with a server, reflecting the configured value of the
* 'protocol.version' config. If unconfigured, a value of 'protocol_v0' is
* returned.
enum protocol_version get_protocol_version_config(void);
* Used by a server to determine which protocol version should be used based on
* a client's request, communicated via the 'GIT_PROTOCOL' environment variable
* by setting appropriate values for the key 'version'. If a client doesn't
* request a particular protocol version, a default of 'protocol_v0' will be
* used.
enum protocol_version determine_protocol_version_server(void);
* Used by a client to determine which protocol version the server is speaking
* based on the server's initial response.
enum protocol_version determine_protocol_version_client(const char *server_response);
#endif /* PROTOCOL_H */