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#include "convert.h"
struct cache_entry;
struct checkout;
struct progress;
* Users of parallel checkout
enum pc_status {
enum pc_status parallel_checkout_status(void);
void get_parallel_checkout_configs(int *num_workers, int *threshold);
* Put parallel checkout into the PC_ACCEPTING_ENTRIES state. Should be used
* only when in the PC_UNINITIALIZED state.
void init_parallel_checkout(void);
* Return -1 if parallel checkout is currently not accepting entries or if the
* entry is not eligible for parallel checkout. Otherwise, enqueue the entry
* for later write and return 0.
int enqueue_checkout(struct cache_entry *ce, struct conv_attrs *ca);
size_t pc_queue_size(void);
* Write all the queued entries, returning 0 on success. If the number of
* entries is smaller than the specified threshold, the operation is performed
* sequentially.
int run_parallel_checkout(struct checkout *state, int num_workers, int threshold,
struct progress *progress, unsigned int *progress_cnt);
* Interface with checkout--worker
enum pc_item_status {
* The entry could not be written because there was another file
* already present in its path or leading directories. Since
* checkout_entry_ca() removes such files from the working tree before
* enqueueing the entry for parallel checkout, it means that there was
* a path collision among the entries being written.
struct parallel_checkout_item {
* In main process ce points to a istate->cache[] entry. Thus, it's not
* owned by us. In workers they own the memory, which *must be* released.
struct cache_entry *ce;
struct conv_attrs ca;
size_t id; /* position in parallel_checkout.items[] of main process */
/* Output fields, sent from workers. */
enum pc_item_status status;
struct stat st;
* The fixed-size portion of `struct parallel_checkout_item` that is sent to the
* workers. Following this will be 2 strings: ca.working_tree_encoding and
*; These are NOT null terminated, since we have the size in the fixed
* portion.
* Note that not all fields of conv_attrs and cache_entry are passed, only the
* ones that will be required by the workers to smudge and write the entry.
struct pc_item_fixed_portion {
size_t id;
struct object_id oid;
unsigned int ce_mode;
enum convert_crlf_action crlf_action;
int ident;
size_t working_tree_encoding_len;
size_t name_len;
* The fields of `struct parallel_checkout_item` that are returned by the
* workers. Note: `st` must be the last one, as it is omitted on error.
struct pc_item_result {
size_t id;
enum pc_item_status status;
struct stat st;
#define PC_ITEM_RESULT_BASE_SIZE offsetof(struct pc_item_result, st)
void write_pc_item(struct parallel_checkout_item *pc_item,
struct checkout *state);