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#include "cache.h"
#include "merge-ort.h"
#include "merge-ort-wrappers.h"
#include "commit.h"
static int unclean(struct merge_options *opt, struct tree *head)
/* Sanity check on repo state; index must match head */
struct strbuf sb = STRBUF_INIT;
if (head && repo_index_has_changes(opt->repo, head, &sb)) {
fprintf(stderr, _("Your local changes to the following files would be overwritten by merge:\n %s"),
return -1;
return 0;
int merge_ort_nonrecursive(struct merge_options *opt,
struct tree *head,
struct tree *merge,
struct tree *merge_base)
struct merge_result result;
if (unclean(opt, head))
return -1;
if (oideq(&merge_base->object.oid, &merge->object.oid)) {
printf_ln(_("Already up to date."));
return 1;
memset(&result, 0, sizeof(result));
merge_incore_nonrecursive(opt, merge_base, head, merge, &result);
merge_switch_to_result(opt, head, &result, 1, 1);
return result.clean;
int merge_ort_recursive(struct merge_options *opt,
struct commit *side1,
struct commit *side2,
struct commit_list *merge_bases,
struct commit **result)
struct tree *head = repo_get_commit_tree(opt->repo, side1);
struct merge_result tmp;
if (unclean(opt, head))
return -1;
memset(&tmp, 0, sizeof(tmp));
merge_incore_recursive(opt, merge_bases, side1, side2, &tmp);
merge_switch_to_result(opt, head, &tmp, 1, 1);
*result = NULL;
return tmp.clean;