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#ifndef CSUM_FILE_H
#define CSUM_FILE_H
#include "hash.h"
struct progress;
/* A SHA1-protected file */
struct hashfile {
int fd;
int check_fd;
unsigned int offset;
git_hash_ctx ctx;
off_t total;
struct progress *tp;
const char *name;
int do_crc;
uint32_t crc32;
size_t buffer_len;
unsigned char *buffer;
unsigned char *check_buffer;
/* Checkpoint */
struct hashfile_checkpoint {
off_t offset;
git_hash_ctx ctx;
void hashfile_checkpoint(struct hashfile *, struct hashfile_checkpoint *);
int hashfile_truncate(struct hashfile *, struct hashfile_checkpoint *);
/* finalize_hashfile flags */
#define CSUM_CLOSE 1
#define CSUM_FSYNC 2
struct hashfile *hashfd(int fd, const char *name);
struct hashfile *hashfd_check(const char *name);
struct hashfile *hashfd_throughput(int fd, const char *name, struct progress *tp);
int finalize_hashfile(struct hashfile *, unsigned char *, unsigned int);
void hashwrite(struct hashfile *, const void *, unsigned int);
void hashflush(struct hashfile *f);
void crc32_begin(struct hashfile *);
uint32_t crc32_end(struct hashfile *);
/* Verify checksum validity while reading. Returns non-zero on success. */
int hashfile_checksum_valid(const unsigned char *data, size_t len);
* Returns the total number of bytes fed to the hashfile so far (including ones
* that have not been written out to the descriptor yet).
static inline off_t hashfile_total(struct hashfile *f)
return f->total + f->offset;
static inline void hashwrite_u8(struct hashfile *f, uint8_t data)
hashwrite(f, &data, sizeof(data));
static inline void hashwrite_be32(struct hashfile *f, uint32_t data)
data = htonl(data);
hashwrite(f, &data, sizeof(data));
static inline size_t hashwrite_be64(struct hashfile *f, uint64_t data)
data = htonll(data);
hashwrite(f, &data, sizeof(data));
return sizeof(data);