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# Command classification list
# ---------------------------
# All supported commands, builtin or external, must be described in
# here. This info is used to list commands in various places. Each
# command is on one line followed by one or more attributes.
# The first attribute group is mandatory and indicates the command
# type. This group includes:
# mainporcelain
# ancillarymanipulators
# ancillaryinterrogators
# foreignscminterface
# plumbingmanipulators
# plumbinginterrogators
# synchingrepositories
# synchelpers
# purehelpers
# The type names are self explanatory. But if you want to see what
# command belongs to what group to get a better picture, have a look
# at "git" man page, "GIT COMMANDS" section.
# Commands of type mainporcelain can also optionally have one of these
# attributes:
# init
# worktree
# info
# history
# remote
# These commands are considered "common" and will show up in "git
# help" output in groups. Uncommon porcelain commands must not
# specify any of these attributes.
# "complete" attribute is used to mark that the command should be
# completable by git-completion.bash. Note that by default,
# mainporcelain commands are completable so you don't need this
# attribute.
# As part of the Git man page list, the man(5/7) guides are also
# specified here, which can only have "guide" attribute and nothing
# else.
### command list (do not change this line, also do not change alignment)
# command name category [category] [category]
git-add mainporcelain worktree
git-am mainporcelain
git-annotate ancillaryinterrogators
git-apply plumbingmanipulators complete
git-archimport foreignscminterface
git-archive mainporcelain
git-bisect mainporcelain info
git-blame ancillaryinterrogators complete
git-branch mainporcelain history
git-bugreport ancillaryinterrogators
git-bundle mainporcelain
git-cat-file plumbinginterrogators
git-check-attr purehelpers
git-check-ignore purehelpers
git-check-mailmap purehelpers
git-checkout mainporcelain
git-checkout-index plumbingmanipulators
git-check-ref-format purehelpers
git-cherry plumbinginterrogators complete
git-cherry-pick mainporcelain
git-citool mainporcelain
git-clean mainporcelain
git-clone mainporcelain init
git-column purehelpers
git-commit mainporcelain history
git-commit-graph plumbingmanipulators
git-commit-tree plumbingmanipulators
git-config ancillarymanipulators complete
git-count-objects ancillaryinterrogators
git-credential purehelpers
git-credential-cache purehelpers
git-credential-store purehelpers
git-cvsexportcommit foreignscminterface
git-cvsimport foreignscminterface
git-cvsserver foreignscminterface
git-daemon synchingrepositories
git-describe mainporcelain
git-diff mainporcelain info
git-diff-files plumbinginterrogators
git-diff-index plumbinginterrogators
git-diff-tree plumbinginterrogators
git-difftool ancillaryinterrogators complete
git-fast-export ancillarymanipulators
git-fast-import ancillarymanipulators
git-fetch mainporcelain remote
git-fetch-pack synchingrepositories
git-filter-branch ancillarymanipulators
git-fmt-merge-msg purehelpers
git-for-each-ref plumbinginterrogators
git-for-each-repo plumbinginterrogators
git-format-patch mainporcelain
git-fsck ancillaryinterrogators complete
git-gc mainporcelain
git-get-tar-commit-id plumbinginterrogators
git-grep mainporcelain info
git-gui mainporcelain
git-hash-object plumbingmanipulators
git-help ancillaryinterrogators complete
git-http-backend synchingrepositories
git-http-fetch synchelpers
git-http-push synchelpers
git-imap-send foreignscminterface
git-index-pack plumbingmanipulators
git-init mainporcelain init
git-instaweb ancillaryinterrogators complete
git-interpret-trailers purehelpers
gitk mainporcelain
git-log mainporcelain info
git-ls-files plumbinginterrogators
git-ls-remote plumbinginterrogators
git-ls-tree plumbinginterrogators
git-mailinfo purehelpers
git-mailsplit purehelpers
git-maintenance mainporcelain
git-merge mainporcelain history
git-merge-base plumbinginterrogators
git-merge-file plumbingmanipulators
git-merge-index plumbingmanipulators
git-merge-one-file purehelpers
git-mergetool ancillarymanipulators complete
git-merge-tree ancillaryinterrogators
git-multi-pack-index plumbingmanipulators
git-mktag plumbingmanipulators
git-mktree plumbingmanipulators
git-mv mainporcelain worktree
git-name-rev plumbinginterrogators
git-notes mainporcelain
git-p4 foreignscminterface
git-pack-objects plumbingmanipulators
git-pack-redundant plumbinginterrogators
git-pack-refs ancillarymanipulators
git-patch-id purehelpers
git-prune ancillarymanipulators complete
git-prune-packed plumbingmanipulators
git-pull mainporcelain remote
git-push mainporcelain remote
git-quiltimport foreignscminterface
git-range-diff mainporcelain
git-read-tree plumbingmanipulators
git-rebase mainporcelain history
git-receive-pack synchelpers
git-reflog ancillarymanipulators complete
git-remote ancillarymanipulators complete
git-repack ancillarymanipulators complete
git-replace ancillarymanipulators complete
git-request-pull foreignscminterface complete
git-rerere ancillaryinterrogators
git-reset mainporcelain history
git-restore mainporcelain worktree
git-revert mainporcelain
git-rev-list plumbinginterrogators
git-rev-parse plumbinginterrogators
git-rm mainporcelain worktree
git-send-email foreignscminterface complete
git-send-pack synchingrepositories
git-shell synchelpers
git-shortlog mainporcelain
git-show mainporcelain info
git-show-branch ancillaryinterrogators complete
git-show-index plumbinginterrogators
git-show-ref plumbinginterrogators
git-sh-i18n purehelpers
git-sh-setup purehelpers
git-sparse-checkout mainporcelain worktree
git-stash mainporcelain
git-stage complete
git-status mainporcelain info
git-stripspace purehelpers
git-submodule mainporcelain
git-svn foreignscminterface
git-switch mainporcelain history
git-symbolic-ref plumbingmanipulators
git-tag mainporcelain history
git-unpack-file plumbinginterrogators
git-unpack-objects plumbingmanipulators
git-update-index plumbingmanipulators
git-update-ref plumbingmanipulators
git-update-server-info synchingrepositories
git-upload-archive synchelpers
git-upload-pack synchelpers
git-var plumbinginterrogators
git-verify-commit ancillaryinterrogators
git-verify-pack plumbinginterrogators
git-verify-tag ancillaryinterrogators
gitweb ancillaryinterrogators
git-whatchanged ancillaryinterrogators complete
git-worktree mainporcelain
git-write-tree plumbingmanipulators
gitattributes guide
gitcli guide
gitcore-tutorial guide
gitcredentials guide
gitcvs-migration guide
gitdiffcore guide
giteveryday guide
gitfaq guide
gitglossary guide
githooks guide
gitignore guide
gitmailmap guide
gitmodules guide
gitnamespaces guide
gitremote-helpers guide
gitrepository-layout guide
gitrevisions guide
gitsubmodules guide
gittutorial-2 guide
gittutorial guide
gitworkflows guide