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#ifndef BLOOM_H
#define BLOOM_H
struct commit;
struct repository;
struct bloom_filter_settings {
* The version of the hashing technique being used.
* We currently only support version = 1 which is
* the seeded murmur3 hashing technique implemented
* in bloom.c.
uint32_t hash_version;
* The number of times a path is hashed, i.e. the
* number of bit positions tht cumulatively
* determine whether a path is present in the
* Bloom filter.
uint32_t num_hashes;
* The minimum number of bits per entry in the Bloom
* filter. If the filter contains 'n' entries, then
* filter size is the minimum number of 8-bit words
* that contain n*b bits.
uint32_t bits_per_entry;
* The maximum number of changed paths per commit
* before declaring a Bloom filter to be too-large.
* Not written to the commit-graph file.
uint32_t max_changed_paths;
#define BITS_PER_WORD 8
#define BLOOMDATA_CHUNK_HEADER_SIZE 3 * sizeof(uint32_t)
* A bloom_filter struct represents a data segment to
* use when testing hash values. The 'len' member
* dictates how many entries are stored in
* 'data'.
struct bloom_filter {
unsigned char *data;
size_t len;
* A bloom_key represents the k hash values for a
* given string. These can be precomputed and
* stored in a bloom_key for re-use when testing
* against a bloom_filter. The number of hashes is
* given by the Bloom filter settings and is the same
* for all Bloom filters and keys interacting with
* the loaded version of the commit graph file and
* the Bloom data chunks.
struct bloom_key {
uint32_t *hashes;
* Calculate the murmur3 32-bit hash value for the given data
* using the given seed.
* Produces a uniformly distributed hash value.
* Not considered to be cryptographically secure.
* Implemented as described in
uint32_t murmur3_seeded(uint32_t seed, const char *data, size_t len);
void fill_bloom_key(const char *data,
size_t len,
struct bloom_key *key,
const struct bloom_filter_settings *settings);
void clear_bloom_key(struct bloom_key *key);
void add_key_to_filter(const struct bloom_key *key,
struct bloom_filter *filter,
const struct bloom_filter_settings *settings);
void init_bloom_filters(void);
enum bloom_filter_computed {
BLOOM_COMPUTED = (1 << 1),
struct bloom_filter *get_or_compute_bloom_filter(struct repository *r,
struct commit *c,
int compute_if_not_present,
const struct bloom_filter_settings *settings,
enum bloom_filter_computed *computed);
#define get_bloom_filter(r, c) get_or_compute_bloom_filter( \
(r), (c), 0, NULL, NULL)
int bloom_filter_contains(const struct bloom_filter *filter,
const struct bloom_key *key,
const struct bloom_filter_settings *settings);