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Tells 'git branch', 'git switch' and 'git checkout' to set up new branches
so that linkgit:git-pull[1] will appropriately merge from the
starting point branch. Note that even if this option is not set,
this behavior can be chosen per-branch using the `--track`
and `--no-track` options. The valid settings are: `false` -- no
automatic setup is done; `true` -- automatic setup is done when the
starting point is a remote-tracking branch; `always` --
automatic setup is done when the starting point is either a
local branch or remote-tracking
branch. This option defaults to true.
When a new branch is created with 'git branch', 'git switch' or 'git checkout'
that tracks another branch, this variable tells Git to set
up pull to rebase instead of merge (see "branch.<name>.rebase").
When `never`, rebase is never automatically set to true.
When `local`, rebase is set to true for tracked branches of
other local branches.
When `remote`, rebase is set to true for tracked branches of
remote-tracking branches.
When `always`, rebase will be set to true for all tracking
See "branch.autoSetupMerge" for details on how to set up a
branch to track another branch.
This option defaults to never.
This variable controls the sort ordering of branches when displayed by
linkgit:git-branch[1]. Without the "--sort=<value>" option provided, the
value of this variable will be used as the default.
See linkgit:git-for-each-ref[1] field names for valid values.
When on branch <name>, it tells 'git fetch' and 'git push'
which remote to fetch from/push to. The remote to push to
may be overridden with `remote.pushDefault` (for all branches).
The remote to push to, for the current branch, may be further
overridden by `branch.<name>.pushRemote`. If no remote is
configured, or if you are not on any branch, it defaults to
`origin` for fetching and `remote.pushDefault` for pushing.
Additionally, `.` (a period) is the current local repository
(a dot-repository), see `branch.<name>.merge`'s final note below.
When on branch <name>, it overrides `branch.<name>.remote` for
pushing. It also overrides `remote.pushDefault` for pushing
from branch <name>. When you pull from one place (e.g. your
upstream) and push to another place (e.g. your own publishing
repository), you would want to set `remote.pushDefault` to
specify the remote to push to for all branches, and use this
option to override it for a specific branch.
Defines, together with branch.<name>.remote, the upstream branch
for the given branch. It tells 'git fetch'/'git pull'/'git rebase' which
branch to merge and can also affect 'git push' (see push.default).
When in branch <name>, it tells 'git fetch' the default
refspec to be marked for merging in FETCH_HEAD. The value is
handled like the remote part of a refspec, and must match a
ref which is fetched from the remote given by
The merge information is used by 'git pull' (which at first calls
'git fetch') to lookup the default branch for merging. Without
this option, 'git pull' defaults to merge the first refspec fetched.
Specify multiple values to get an octopus merge.
If you wish to setup 'git pull' so that it merges into <name> from
another branch in the local repository, you can point
branch.<name>.merge to the desired branch, and use the relative path
setting `.` (a period) for branch.<name>.remote.
Sets default options for merging into branch <name>. The syntax and
supported options are the same as those of linkgit:git-merge[1], but
option values containing whitespace characters are currently not
When true, rebase the branch <name> on top of the fetched branch,
instead of merging the default branch from the default remote when
"git pull" is run. See "pull.rebase" for doing this in a non
branch-specific manner.
When `merges` (or just 'm'), pass the `--rebase-merges` option to 'git rebase'
so that the local merge commits are included in the rebase (see
linkgit:git-rebase[1] for details).
When the value is `interactive` (or just 'i'), the rebase is run in interactive
*NOTE*: this is a possibly dangerous operation; do *not* use
it unless you understand the implications (see linkgit:git-rebase[1]
for details).
Branch description, can be edited with
`git branch --edit-description`. Branch description is
automatically added in the format-patch cover letter or
request-pull summary.