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Junio C Hamano 12210859da Merge branch 'bc/sha-256-part-2' 2 years ago
.gitignore t/helper: ignore only executable files 3 years ago
test-advise.c advice: revamp advise API 3 years ago
test-bloom.c Merge branch 'ds/bloom-cleanup' 3 years ago
test-chmtime.c Merge branch 'ps/test-chmtime-get' 5 years ago
test-config.c config: provide access to the current line number 3 years ago
test-ctype.c t/helper: merge test-ctype into test-tool 5 years ago
test-date.c test_date.c: remove reference to GIT_TEST_DATE_NOW 3 years ago
test-delta.c test-delta: read input into a heap buffer 4 years ago
test-dir-iterator.c Merge branch 'mt/dir-iterator-updates' 3 years ago
test-drop-caches.c Sync with 2.17.3 3 years ago
test-dump-cache-tree.c convert "oidcmp() != 0" to "!oideq()" 4 years ago
test-dump-fsmonitor.c fsmonitor: change last update timestamp on the index_state to opaque token 3 years ago
test-dump-split-index.c t/helper/test-dump-split-index: initialize git repository 3 years ago
test-dump-untracked-cache.c cache.h: flip NO_THE_INDEX_COMPATIBILITY_MACROS switch 4 years ago
test-example-decorate.c object: convert lookup_unknown_object() to use object_id 3 years ago
test-genrandom.c t/helper: merge test-genrandom into test-tool 5 years ago
test-genzeros.c tests: teach the test-tool to generate NUL bytes and use it 4 years ago
test-hash-speed.c t/helper: add a test helper to compute hash speed 4 years ago
test-hash.c t: make the sha1 test-tool helper generic 4 years ago
test-hashmap.c hashmap_entry: remove first member requirement from docs 3 years ago
test-index-version.c t/helper: merge test-index-version into test-tool 5 years ago
test-json-writer.c json_writer: new routines to create JSON data 4 years ago
test-lazy-init-name-hash.c OFFSETOF_VAR macro to simplify hashmap iterators 3 years ago
test-line-buffer.c test-line-buffer: simplify command parsing 5 years ago
test-match-trees.c match-trees.c: remove the_repo from shift_tree*() 3 years ago
test-mergesort.c t/helper: merge (unused) test-mergesort into test-tool 5 years ago
test-mktemp.c t/helper: merge test-mktemp into test-tool 5 years ago
test-oid-array.c t/helper: initialize the repository for test-sha1-array 2 years ago
test-oidmap.c test-oidmap: remove 'add' subcommand 3 years ago
test-online-cpus.c t/helper: merge test-online-cpus into test-tool 5 years ago
test-parse-options.c parse-options: add testcases for OPT_CMDMODE() 3 years ago
test-parse-pathspec-file.c test-parse-pathspec-file.c: s/0/NULL/ for pointer type 3 years ago
test-path-utils.c real_path: remove unsafe API 3 years ago
test-pkt-line.c pkt-line: define PACKET_READ_RESPONSE_END 3 years ago
test-prio-queue.c test-prio-queue: use xmalloc 4 years ago
test-progress.c progress.c: silence cgcc suggestion about internal linkage 3 years ago
test-reach.c test-reach: test get_reachable_subset 4 years ago
test-read-cache.c test-read-cache: drop namelen variable 3 years ago
test-read-graph.c Merge branch 'gs/commit-graph-path-filter' 3 years ago
test-read-midx.c multi-pack-index: store local property 4 years ago
test-ref-store.c Merge branch 'cc/test-ref-store-typofix' 4 years ago
test-regex.c t/helper: teach test-regex to report pattern errors (like REG_ILLSEQ) 3 years ago
test-repository.c t/helper: make repository tests hash independent 3 years ago
test-revision-walking.c revision.c: remove implicit dependency on the_index 4 years ago
test-run-command.c Merge branch 'js/mingw-inherit-only-std-handles' 3 years ago
test-scrap-cache-tree.c Merge branch 'ma/lockfile-cleanup' 5 years ago
test-serve-v2.c Turn `git serve` into a test helper 4 years ago
test-sha1.c t: make the sha1 test-tool helper generic 4 years ago t/helper: merge test-sha1 into test-tool 5 years ago
test-sha256.c Add a base implementation of SHA-256 support 4 years ago
test-sigchain.c style: the opening '{' of a function is in a separate line 4 years ago
test-strcmp-offset.c t/helper: merge test-strcmp-offset into test-tool 5 years ago
test-string-list.c t/helper: merge test-string-list into test-tool 5 years ago
test-submodule-config.c Merge branch 'sb/submodule-move-nested' 5 years ago
test-submodule-nested-repo-config.c repository: repo_submodule_init to take a submodule struct 4 years ago
test-subprocess.c t/helper: merge test-subprocess into test-tool 5 years ago
test-tool.c Merge branch 'gs/commit-graph-path-filter' 3 years ago
test-tool.h Merge branch 'gs/commit-graph-path-filter' 3 years ago
test-trace2.c trace2: t/helper/test-trace2,,, 4 years ago
test-urlmatch-normalization.c t/helper: merge test-urlmatch-normalization into test-tool 5 years ago
test-wildmatch.c t/helper: merge test-wildmatch into test-tool 5 years ago
test-windows-named-pipe.c use strpbrk(3) to search for characters from a given set 3 years ago
test-write-cache.c Merge branch 'ma/lockfile-cleanup' 5 years ago
test-xml-encode.c tests: optionally write results as JUnit-style .xml 4 years ago