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* Copyright 2017 Marc Stevens <>, Dan Shumow <>
* Distributed under the MIT Software License.
* See accompanying file LICENSE.txt or copy at
// this file was generated by the 'parse_bitrel' program in the tools section
// using the data files from directory 'tools/data/3565'
// sha1_dvs contains a list of SHA-1 Disturbance Vectors (DV) to check
// dvType, dvK and dvB define the DV: I(K,B) or II(K,B) (see the paper)
// dm[80] is the expanded message block XOR-difference defined by the DV
// testt is the step to do the recompression from for collision detection
// maski and maskb define the bit to check for each DV in the dvmask returned by ubc_check
// ubc_check takes as input an expanded message block and verifies the unavoidable bitconditions for all listed DVs
// it returns a dvmask where each bit belonging to a DV is set if all unavoidable bitconditions for that DV have been met
// thus one needs to do the recompression check for each DV that has its bit set
#if defined(__cplusplus)
extern "C" {
#include <stdint.h>
#define DVMASKSIZE 1
typedef struct { int dvType; int dvK; int dvB; int testt; int maski; int maskb; uint32_t dm[80]; } dv_info_t;
extern dv_info_t sha1_dvs[];
void ubc_check(const uint32_t W[80], uint32_t dvmask[DVMASKSIZE]);
#define CHECK_DVMASK(_DVMASK) (0 != _DVMASK[0])
#if defined(__cplusplus)