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struct repository;
struct ref_transaction;
* Support for storing references in a `packed-refs` file.
* Note that this backend doesn't check for D/F conflicts, because it
* doesn't care about them. But usually it should be wrapped in a
* `files_ref_store` that prevents D/F conflicts from being created,
* even among packed refs.
struct ref_store *packed_ref_store_create(struct repository *repo,
const char *gitdir,
unsigned int store_flags);
* Lock the packed-refs file for writing. Flags is passed to
* hold_lock_file_for_update(). Return 0 on success. On errors, write
* an error message to `err` and return a nonzero value.
int packed_refs_lock(struct ref_store *ref_store, int flags, struct strbuf *err);
void packed_refs_unlock(struct ref_store *ref_store);
int packed_refs_is_locked(struct ref_store *ref_store);
* Return true if `transaction` really needs to be carried out against
* the specified packed_ref_store, or false if it can be skipped
* (i.e., because it is an obvious NOOP). `ref_store` must be locked
* before calling this function.
int is_packed_transaction_needed(struct ref_store *ref_store,
struct ref_transaction *transaction);