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#include "notes.h"
struct commit_list;
struct object_id;
struct repository;
* Create new notes commit from the given notes tree
* Properties of the created commit:
* - tree: the result of converting t to a tree object with write_notes_tree().
* - parents: the given parents OR (if NULL) the commit referenced by t->ref.
* - author/committer: the default determined by commit_tree().
* - commit message: msg
* The resulting commit SHA1 is stored in result_sha1.
void create_notes_commit(struct repository *r,
struct notes_tree *t,
struct commit_list *parents,
const char *msg, size_t msg_len,
struct object_id *result_oid);
void commit_notes(struct repository *r, struct notes_tree *t, const char *msg);
enum notes_merge_strategy {
struct notes_rewrite_cfg {
struct notes_tree **trees;
const char *cmd;
int enabled;
combine_notes_fn combine;
struct string_list *refs;
int refs_from_env;
int mode_from_env;
int parse_notes_merge_strategy(const char *v, enum notes_merge_strategy *s);
struct notes_rewrite_cfg *init_copy_notes_for_rewrite(const char *cmd);
int copy_note_for_rewrite(struct notes_rewrite_cfg *c,
const struct object_id *from_obj, const struct object_id *to_obj);
void finish_copy_notes_for_rewrite(struct repository *r,
struct notes_rewrite_cfg *c,
const char *msg);