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#ifndef HOOK_H
#define HOOK_H
#include "strvec.h"
struct run_hooks_opt
/* Environment vars to be set for each hook */
struct strvec env;
/* Args to be passed to each hook */
struct strvec args;
/* Emit an error if the hook is missing */
unsigned int error_if_missing:1;
* An optional initial working directory for the hook,
* translates to "struct child_process"'s "dir" member.
const char *dir;
* A pointer which if provided will be set to 1 or 0 depending
* on if a hook was started, regardless of whether or not that
* was successful. I.e. if the underlying start_command() was
* successful this will be set to 1.
* Used for avoiding TOCTOU races in code that would otherwise
* call hook_exist() after a "maybe hook run" to see if a hook
* was invoked.
int *invoked_hook;
#define RUN_HOOKS_OPT_INIT { \
.env = STRVEC_INIT, \
.args = STRVEC_INIT, \
struct hook_cb_data {
/* rc reflects the cumulative failure state */
int rc;
const char *hook_name;
const char *hook_path;
struct run_hooks_opt *options;
* Returns the path to the hook file, or NULL if the hook is missing
* or disabled. Note that this points to static storage that will be
* overwritten by further calls to find_hook and run_hook_*.
const char *find_hook(const char *name);
* A boolean version of find_hook()
int hook_exists(const char *hookname);
* Takes a `hook_name`, resolves it to a path with find_hook(), and
* runs the hook for you with the options specified in "struct
* run_hooks opt". Will free memory associated with the "struct run_hooks_opt".
* Returns the status code of the run hook, or a negative value on
* error().
int run_hooks_opt(const char *hook_name, struct run_hooks_opt *options);
* A wrapper for run_hooks_opt() which provides a dummy "struct
* run_hooks_opt" initialized with "RUN_HOOKS_OPT_INIT".
int run_hooks(const char *hook_name);
* Like run_hooks(), a wrapper for run_hooks_opt().
* In addition to the wrapping behavior provided by run_hooks(), this
* wrapper takes a list of strings terminated by a NULL
* argument. These things will be used as positional arguments to the
* hook. This function behaves like the old run_hook_le() API.
int run_hooks_l(const char *hook_name, ...);